REVIEW: New “Casey’s Classic” Hot Diggity Dog at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

New month, new dog at Casey’s. This month’s flavor is none other than the Casey’s Classic Hot Diggity Dog!

Casey’s Classic is an all-beef hot dog topped with crispy hash browns, bacon, cheddar, chipotle ranch drizzle, and crispy fried onions.

Compared to some of their other monthly hot dog flavors, this one seems pretty tame, despite still being piled high with toppings.

Upon biting in, the bun tasted (surprisingly) very fresh.

The hash browns and friend onion added a ton of crunch, which was a welcome respite from all the sauce.


Speaking of sauce, the chipotle ranch was a nice change from your usual mustard or ketchup.


All in all, we’d definitely recommend this dog if you’re looking to switch up your usual regular hot dog order. Hot dogs always work well with potatoes, be it in chip, fries, or hash form, and it’s one of those classic, solid combos that always seems to work. After all, I guess that’s why they call this the Casey’s Classic. It’s available for $11.49.

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