REVIEW: New Cuban Hot Diggity Dog at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner has been experimenting with new hot dog concoctions for some time now. They’ve been doing a “monthly special”, and for the month of April we have this interesting little option: the “Cuban Hot Diggitty Dog”.

They took what goes on a Cuban Sandwich and tossed it on an all-beef hot dog. Pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on top of a hot dog? Will it work? Let’s find out.

“Cuban Hot Diggitty Dog” ($11.49)

I opted for the regular size, at $11.49 (which also comes with fries). It’s also available as a footlong for two dollars more. This is what I got. Honestly, it’s a big mess. The picture on the menu looked like controlled chaos, where as this one was just pure confusion.

“Cuban Hot Diggitty Dog” ($11.49)

You can’t say they were stingy with the toppings, though. There was a lot of pork buried under the cheese and relish. If you can barely see the dog under the toppings, that’s always a good sign.

“Cuban Hot Diggitty Dog” ($11.49)

I tried in vain to eat this like a hot dog. I’m lucky I didn’t spill the whole thing all over the hub grass. The bun was unusable because the bottom was extremely soggy. You need a fork for this. Just eat it like a taco bowl.

“Cuban Hot Diggitty Dog” ($11.49)

How’s the flavor? I was pleasantly surprised. I haven’t had a lot of luck at Casey’s in the past––the toppings tend to either be not of quality or just don’t go well with a hot dog. This one, however, worked very well. The pulled pork had good flavor; it was slightly sweet, but not overpowering. Combined with the relish and cheese, it really complemented the all-beef hot dog. There was a little bit too much mustard for me, but I’m not big on mustard on a good day. That said, even with the mustard, I really enjoyed the overall flavor.

Does it taste like a Cuban sandwich? Not exactly, but most of the hallmarks are there. Just forget about the real sandwich and enjoy this for what it is: a messy pile of flavor.

It might be worth getting the foot-long version, as long as the toppings increase proportionally. Just don’t expect to eat this thing with your hands. Knife and fork are required, as well as several napkins.

The “Cuban Hot Diggity Dog” should be available at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom until the end of April.

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