REVIEW: Jalapeno Popper Hot Diggity Dog for September at Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom

It’s that time of the month! Yup, that’s right, the time everyone dreads. Well, most people, ourselves included. That’s right: The beginning! The start of a new month means a new footlong hot dog to conquer at Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom. You may remember August had a beautiful creation topped with cheesy puffs. This month’s incarnation comes loaded with cheese, bacon, garlic ranch sauce, and more jalapenos than you can shake $12.49+tax at.


Jalapeno Popper Hot Diggity Dog -$12.49/Footlong, $10.99/Regular

The menu states “All-Beef Hot Dog topped with Cheddar Sauce, Garlic Ranch Drizzle, Bacon Bits, Pickled Jalapenos, and Jalapeno Poppers served with French Fries of Apple Slices”. We opted for French Fries because we’re already elbows-deep in fried, cheesy food so why not? Or, you can get Loaded Fries with those toppings for $5.99 if you don’t want to commit yourself to an all-beef hot dog. We went with the footlong due to being a much better value, basically doubling the portion for just $1.50 more. We’re really digging the garlic ranch drizzle that found a home here and at Cosmic Ray’s, there’s a great garlic flavor that matches the overall Ranch vibe. It’s really tasty, and mixing it with cheese sauce makes it even better. There’s only a few pickled jalapenos on top but don’t worry because there’s more than enough bacon to compensate. The regular size hot dog will come with two jalapeno poppers on top, as will the loaded fries, but the footlong has three. You may remember these jalapeno poppers from Golden Oak Outpost, full review here. They were good there, but they’re even better here at Casey’s Corner. We attribute that to more food being served much quicker at Casey’s, whereas the fried food might sit for a bit before being served at Golden Oak Outpost. These are fried perfectly and come out fresh and hot with melted cheese in the middle. They’re nearly impossible to eat with the hot dog, but a great tasty treat on the side. Or open wide and see what happens, we played it safe. If you’re getting a hot dog at Casey’s Corner it’s always worth it to see what monthly hot dog is available, usually they’re unique and really interesting, this one is no exception.

Oh, and we also got the Minnie Witch Halloween Fall Brownie 2018 creation which is your standard brownie with icing on top, printed with an edible Minnie dressed as a witch. This item was unveiled with the new Halloween items for Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party and other treats coming to Magic Kingdom. It’s not a bad brownie, but there’s nothing special or ‘Halloween’ about it. It’s best skipping, unless you’re using a Disney Dining Plan and need to get dessert.

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Mike M
Mike M
2 years ago

Are the literally available until the last day of the month? I will be at MK on 9/30 and this looks *amazing*! I don’t want to miss it…

Katherine Moon
Katherine Moon
2 years ago

I ate one of these about two hours ago, and have to say this review is spot on. I don’t like hot dogs very much but I ate every bite of it. Great dog.