Phosphorescent Phlight - $7.00

PHOTOS: Light Lab Changes Menu, Removes Souvenir Beaker at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2018

The Light Lab is a festival booth for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. This booth premiered in 2017 to mixed reviews and came back in 2018 to even more mixed reviews. They have a really interesting champagne cocktail and this year they have a great frozen drink served in a souvenir beaker. Well, had.

Above is an image of the Phosphorescent Phreeze in souvenir beaker. Priced at $7.00 it included three unique frozen flavors making for not only an interesting drink but a great souvenir. After the first few days of the festival the beaker was removed and in place we have the Phosphorescent Phlight.

Instead of a great souvenir beaker, you get three basic glow cubes that have been sitting in the bottom of frozen slushes.

Nowhere near as exciting or photogenic. They seem prepared for the masses though, there has been three more slushy machines added to the counter since day 1.

Will the beaker ever return? Cast are unsure and nobody has a real answer as to why it’s removed. “We’re trying a new experiment this week” is the common response when asked about the beaker. The blackboard that had information about the Phosphorescent Phreeze has been blacked-out at this point. We appreciate that they’re taking the time to ensure guests who don’t know it existed won’t be bothered, but numerous guests entering behind us were asking for it by name or ‘I need the beaker drink’. It’s a cool novelty and one we hope returns.

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