REVIEW: Poutine Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom is becoming famous for piling anything and everything on top of their hot dogs these days. This month’s experiment is the “Poutine Hot Diggity Dog.”

Poutine, if you’ve never experienced it before, is a French-Canadian concoction primarily made up of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Casey’s version is all of the above, with the obvious addition of being on top of an all-beef hot dog, bun and all. I opted for the regular size instead of the foot-long. Here’s what I got:

It looks pretty close to the picture on the menu, to be honest. It’s a bit sloppy, but poutine isn’t supposed to be about the appearance. It’s about the taste. Unfortunately, the taste isn’t really there. The hot dog itself is standard Casey’s; good but not great. The gravy tasted pretty cheap, akin to what you get out of a jar from the grocery store. The cheese curds were the strongest part, but honestly, it’s kind of hard to screw up cheese curds.

Overall, it just wasn’t good poutine. And if the poutine isn’t good, the hot dog underneath isn’t going to help much. I’d stay away from this one. If you’re going to eat at Casey’s, and want something more complicated than the traditional hot dog, get the mac and cheese option. If you want good poutine, you can get a fantastic Canadian cheddar cheese soup variation over in Epcot (for half the price!).

While I was at Casey’s, I also took a crack at the Mint Julep Frozen Lemonade they sell, as it seemed like a good pairing. We’ve already reviewed it, but I hadn’t tried it myself yet. It was quite refreshing. Minty, but not too overpowering, with a good amount of sweetness. This is great for a hot day. Honestly, this was the best part of my meal.



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2 years ago

well done lad ! well done ! at least you showed pics & talked of your meal