12 Days of Christmas Hot Dogs Coming to Casey’s Corner

You don’t have to be Scrooge to get a visit from The Ghost of Hot Dogs Past, because all of Casey’s Corner’s Hot Dogs of the Month from 2018 are coming back for a limited time.

Each of this year’s dogs will be offered for one day only at the Main Street U.S.A. eatery. There is one exception, however: the 2 Foot-Long Hot Dog will be available from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day.

  • Dec. 14 – Pineapple Teriyaki Dog topped with roasted pineapple, onions, Teriyaki sauce, and green onions
  • Dec. 15 – Buffalo Chicken Dog topped with buffalo chicken, celery, and a garlic ranch drizzle
  • Dec. 16 – Greek Dog topped with olives, banana peppers, red onions, feta cheese, and tzatziki sauce
  • Dec. 17 – Cuban Dog topped with mojo pork, relish, swiss cheese, and mustard
  • Dec. 18 – Aztec Dog topped with sweet and spicy ground beef and creamy elote mixed with spicy lime mayonnaise and grated Parmesan cheese (from May, check out our review here)
  • Dec. 19 – Philly Cheesesteak Dog topped with roast beef, sautéed peppers and onions, and cheese sauce
  • Dec. 20 – Casey’s Classic Dog topped with hash browns, bacon, cheese, and fried onion straws
  • Dec. 21 – Cheesy Dog topped with cheddar cheese, queso cheese, and spicy cheese puffs (from August, check out our review here)
  • Dec. 22 – Jalapeño Popper Dog topped with cheese sauce, garlic ranch, bacon bits, jalapeño poppers, and sliced jalapeños (from September, check out our review here)
  • Dec. 23 – Loaded Mashed Potato Dog topped with garlic mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar, bacon, scallion sour cream, and green onions
  • Dec. 24 – Poutine Dog topped with fries, poutine gravy, cheese curds, and chives (from November, check out our review here)
  • Dec. 25 through Jan 1. – 2 Foot-Long Hot Dog with your choice of two toppings (Casey’s Classic, Chili Cheese, or Macaroni & Cheese) (from July, check out our review here)

Whether you fell in love with a hot dog or missed your opportunity to try one, you can find them all at Casey’s Corner this month!


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