REVIEW: New Mac & Cheese Meets French Fries in the Latest Loaded Fries at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner is starting to become a contender for a really good quick service option. We’ve always loved the corn dog nuggets that have been available, but the all-beef hot dogs and the monthly rotation of a Hot Diggity Dog with new toppings has us giving a second look to this corner of the park. We recently brought you a review of the September Hot Diggity Dog which includes jalapeno poppers on top. The loaded fries idea hit Casey’s like a brick and now they’re putting EVERY topping they have that goes on a hot dog on fries as well. There’s been a mac and cheese hot dog on the menu for a while here, but only recently was the mac and cheese loaded fries added. We stopped by and indulged in this new Magic Kingdom comfort food.

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Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Fries – $5.99

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Coming-in at the same cost as the other specialty loaded fries, these are topped with a heaping pile of mac and cheese and then a bunch of bacon bits. We feel that the Disney mac and cheese is pretty basic, but oh so cheesy and delicious. Adding in bacon only makes the dish better! We found ourselves to enjoy the bottom fries even after eating through the top because the cheese found its way to the lower regions and felt almost like the old cheese sauce that used to be available here. These are really good, filling, and a great deal for the price.

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  1. i had to post this comment. Either that menu board is old or its in the process of updating. I was at MK last Saturday & stopped by Tortuga Tavern. I asked for a Pirate Slushy with the mickey straw. CM told me that all mickey straws have been discontinued due to the new Green Policy.

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