PHOTOS, REVIEW: We Ate A 2 Foot Long, $25 Hot Dog at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

Have you ever felt like you needed more in life? Maybe like a gigantic two foot hot dog can help solve some of life’s problems? Well that’s the thought process of Casey’s Corner on National Hot Dog Day. Instead of the ‘hey let’s make something good’ train of thought, they went ahead and derailed somewhere between ‘make a gigantic mess’ and ‘this won’t fit on instagram’. BEHOLD THE TWO FOOT LONG DOUBLE HEADER HOT DOG:


The Double Header – $24.99

This monster is only available today, 7/18/2018, for National Hot Dog Day. It’s so big you can get two different toppings across the slab of American meat. We opted for Mac & Cheese and Chili Cheese, just to make this the most enjoyable creation imaginable. Casey’s Corner moved to all beef hot dogs in the last few months, they’re quite good! Also, this 24 inch masterpiece is actually two hot dogs on one long bun, not a two foot grilled piece of art. I mean if you’re in Magic Kingdom today and have $25 burning a hole in your pocket and want two straight feet of hot dog, there’s no better option. Plus people will salivate at your tray, like a trained response to such a marvelous creation.

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