Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Spirit Jersey and Other Merch Now Available on ShopDisney

ShopDisney.com now has spirit jerseys inspired by Hocus Pocus now available online for $59.95. 

There is additional merchandise celebrating the movie’s anniversary, including t-shirts, pins, a mug, a journal, and this LoungeFly leather bag for $64.95.

Check out the Hocus Pocus Funko Pop! Vinyls also being released later this year. All of this merchandise is great news for Hocus Pocus fans, especially since the merchandise for last year’s Halloween parties was pulled from the shelves shortly after its release.

Here is the entire collection from ShopDisney.

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1 year ago

I like that they are giving the ‘Hocus Pocus’ line a second try, but I’m not at all impressed with the spirit jersey or the ‘Binx’ shirt. The design of the cat face is a little weird with the open mouth. And the spirit Jersey was let down. I saw the back of it and was like “that’s cool!”and then I saw the front and was like “oh no..” That lace up neck is a no for me. I might would’ve bought it if the front hadn’t been as bad as it is.

Antoinette Paris
Antoinette Paris
1 year ago

Wow; I was so excited upon reading the news about a Hocus Pocus product line. Too bad all the items are so ugly.

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