Forky Cupcake with Inflatable Tube Man Behind it

REVIEW: “Toy Story 4” Forky Cupcake Premieres at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

By now, you’ve probably seen a clip or two starring Forky from Toy Story 4. The loveable spork-toy has shown up in plenty of merchandise, and will also be making his inflated debut during H2O Glow Nights at Typhoon Lagoon this summer. But now, you can enjoy Forky with a fork. That’s right! The Forky Cupcake has premiered at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and we’re in love.

Forky Cupcake with Inflatable Tube Man Behind it
Accurate depiction of what the H2O Glow Nights Forky inflatable will look like.

We appreciate the that this cupcake has a lot of detail worked into it. Besides the large white chocolate image of Forky, there’s also a white chocolate Pixar Luxo Ball sticking out of the side and several swirls of different-colored buttercream. The vanilla frosting is inspired by the colors of Forky––white, yellow, red, and teal.

White Chocolate Forky Image

Forky White Chocolate Piece on a Cupcake

Yellow, red, and white frosting

When you remove the cupcake from the wrapper, your anxiety might reach Forky-esque levels once the tiny sprinkles spill everywhere.

Colorful tiny sprinkles on a plate with the Forky Cupcake

Everywhere. Sprinkles were on the plate, the wrapper, the table, a small child next to me… they were everywhere. (Don’t worry, I always make sure I clean up after myself. I know how hard Cast Members work!)

Sprinkles on the table, plate, and wrapper

Finally, I grabbed a fork and went for it. The cake was fresh and cool from the case. It cut easily, even though it’s kind of become an Inside Out cupcake now. Wrong movie. Shockingly, there were even more sprinkles inside.

Chocolate Cupcake filled with sprinkles

The buttercream has a nice consistency. It’s cool, but not frozen, and easy to disperse over the cake. Despite the fact that there were sprinkles everywhere, I have no complaints. They actually enhance the taste rather than overpower the cupcake.

Inflatable behind the Forky cupcake

The simple combination of chocolate cupcake, vanilla buttercream, and Toy Story 4 decorations is definitely a win. It’s sure to be a popular treat as we get closer to the release of the film. The cupcake is $5.99 and available at World Premiere Food Court. Are you excited to see Forky in Toy Story 4 this summer?