They have returned!

PHOTOS: Classic Corn Dog Nuggets Return Due to Popular Demand, Saving Lives at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom

Citizens of Main Street, we bring great news. While troubled times befell our beloved Magic Kingdom and brought on such abominations as chicken corn dog nuggets, there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow in store for those of us who crave the corn dog nuggets we first fell in love with.

The classics.

That’s right. They’re back! The corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner have returned to their colorful, flavorful selves and are now back to sporting the hot dog interiors most are familiar with. While the chicken corn dog nuggets were a good option for those who otherwise don’t eat beef or pork, many guests commented on how bland they were. Seeing as though we’re back to the corn dog nuggets of old, that issue has since been remedied, thanks to the outpouring of negative feedback.

The corn dog meal is still served with fries for $8.99. We highly recommend splurging on a side of cheese sauce to round out the meal.

One more time, for the people in the back: Classic corn dog nuggets have returned at the Magic Kingdom!

We don’t know if they still have any chicken corn dog nuggets lurking in the back, or whether they’re available upon request. Upon asking, Cast Members at Casey’s denied they were ever swapped out to begin with. The plot thickens. (Having worked in the restaurant industry, this might have been a case of someone just mistakenly ordering a full case of the wrong corn dog nuggets, from the looks of it, or just a horribly failed test.)

In case you missed it, footlong hot dogs are no longer available at Casey’s Corner, but they are available at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. We’ll keep you updated on any breaking hot dog news in and around the Magic Kingdom as menus continue changing and evolving.

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