BREAKING: Brazil Pavilion Will Open with No Attraction in 2022 at Epcot

Tom Corless

BREAKING: Brazil Pavilion Will Open with No Attraction in 2022 at Epcot

Tom Corless

BREAKING: Brazil Pavilion Will Open with No Attraction in 2022 at Epcot

It’s back, and it now seems that nothing will derail the construction of the long-rumored Brazil pavilion at Epcot.

While we expected the new World Showcase Pavilion to be announced some time ago, various financial and political roadblocks have apparently stood in the way of that. According to sources, Brazil will open in the Summer of 2022 in Epcot.

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The pavilion is rumored to be going between the Italy and Germany pavilions in World Showcase, an empty 1.5 acre plot left for a future pavilion since the park opened in 1982.

As of now, the pavilion would not feature a ride or attraction, only shopping and dining offerings. It’s unclear if Disney plans to add some offering to the South American area later.

Disney has yet to officially announce the project, but should soon. Construction should also be starting imminently.

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  1. This is about the 3rd time in recent years that Disney has talked about this. Let’s just wait until they start the thing before we become too excited….IF we are to become too excited.

    • I just want to clarify that Disney has actually never talked about this. This has been on the roller coaster rumor circuit for a long time now.

  2. I assume that means the removal of the train village next to Germany? That would make me very sad…

    • So sad if the train were to go! We loved checking out the miniatures during the different festivals. :(

    • Yes this would go in the location where the train village is now. Disney knows how popular that little train village has become and I suspect it will be relocated to the other side of the Germany pavilion.

    • Seriously, a Brazilian steakhouse is a no-brainer — it’s reason enough to build a Brazil pavilion!

    • @Panchito, I think people are down-voting your comment because Disney would never bring in a chain restaurant like that. Texas de Brazil is a poor excuse for a Brazilian steakhouse anyways,

  3. Terrific. Because Carnival is a thing I want to take my young children to see. Disney is not family friendly anymore.

    • And why is Disney NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY ANYMORE? (I’m sure I know the reason they are saying that, but just want them to clarify)

    • and mardi gras is not either but Universals take on it is perfectly fine. also, is this the only thing Brazil is to you?

    • …what?

      You might as well say Disney isn’t family friendly because there’s an American Adventure section in EPCOT and a big Mardi Gras party happens in New Orleans in the US (not to mention the whole French Quarter hotel!). The entire country of Brazil isn’t Carnival, nor is Carnival anything other than a specific event once a year.

      This is legitimately one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read on the Internet, which is really saying something. I would almost think it was trolling, except someone who wanted to troll wouldn’t be so obvious about it.

    • Hjhhjj grow up. It’s not all about you and your kids. It’s part of their culture. Do the feathers bother you, or the skin showing🙄

    • I love how this is the tipping point for you, but not the fact Epcot, and World Showcase in general skews more to the adult crowd than anything else as it has been.

    • If carnival is all you think of when you think Brazil, than you are very uneducated and should do research before speaking next time.

    • Speaking for everyone who downvoted this comment, could you please elaborate on these statements?

  4. Well that stinks, I am going to have a very sad 5 year old who has grown up loving the train display in between Germany and Italy. Bummed out to hear that. Wish this was being installed where the Refreshment Post Outpost is today since that is generic and not tied to any country.

  5. All these new things, I think our 2022 trip will have to be a little longer than usual. Very excited for a new pavilion

  6. This would be the perfect opportunity for Disney to add that PULL THE LEVER ride that literally everyone wants

  7. I know nothing is formal, but the location between Germany and Italy makes very little sense aesthetically. Any of the other open plots would be better served. Then again, a number of Germans ended up in South America in the late 40’s.

    So another two eating/drinking locations are going in… pretty soon Epcot will just be one giant food court with everyone looking like passengers of the Axiom.

    • A lot of Italians (much more than Germans) immigrated to Brazil in the late 19th century.

      But that’s all these countries have in common.

  8. Does anyone know if there is a plan to keep the trains by Germany going, possibly moving them elsewhere? I would be really sad to see the miniature trains go away.

  9. Boo…you wanna see Brazil, just come during tour group season and experience all the rudeness and arrogance you can handle from them. 😢

  10. Don’t we get enough of a taste of Brazil with the multitude of tour groups??? Hard pass for me if this happens.

  11. I don’t have a problem with Brazil getting a pavilion… my problem has always been how small Italy has been… arguably the most iconic country in the world and Venice being one of the most iconic cities, and yet it doesn’t even have Venetian gondola rides with even one water street… Even Vegas’s Venetian has gondola rides with Italian song!!! Geez…

  12. I wonder what areas they are going to highlight…. the Favelas or the slash and burn sections of the Amazon? Is there going to be a giant hill in the back with the redeemer statue on top? Are some cast members going to be in feathered Carnival outfits… g string and all?
    Are they going to have armed militia group checkpoints run by Monsanto? Are they going to run out of drinking water before noon? Are they going to have a beach area where they dump all the sewage into the water?
    questions… questions….
    Definitely a steakhouse, and good background music as long as they play Astrid Gilberto over and over again.

    • daaaaang, that is some heckin’ racism there.

      Every country has its problems. Does the American Adventure feature police brutality, contaminated drinking water, and regular reenactments of mass shootings?

      Did you wring your hands over Port Orleans being based off a city known for Mardi Gras and a drunken party street?

      Y’all need to check yourselves.

  13. Why the negativity on this site all of the time? I think that it’s awesome that a new pavilion is being added. About time! I hope it’s true. Any new pavilion will be enjoyable.

    I’m sure Disney will move the train setup.

    Why Brazil? Because a lot more people visit Epcot from Brazil than from Egypt and Greece and the Brazilian government is probably helping with the bill.

    • Have you been to Brazil recently? It’s not so glamorous. Every place on earth has its share of problems right now. I get it. Currently Brazil is not the Sinatra era fairytale it once was back in 40s and 50s,

      Other than that…. I was reading about overlay at the Wave restaurant at the contemporary and I came up with a solution. Make the steakhouse at Brazil an Incredibles Steakhouse because why not and who cares anymore. It makes about as much sense as everything else right now…

      …Beauty and the Beast (a French tale) bar overlay at the Floridian Resort (Obviously a Florida themed resort)

      …Snow White (German story) at the Wilderness Lodge (America)

      …Giant French European Resort on top of a Caribbean Resort

      …Giant ultra Modern “nature based” resort imposing on a Frontier based campground

      I’m done…
      Sorry about the rant.

      • I understand your rant about some of the resorts, but do not understand what this has to do with having a Brazilian pavilion added to Epcot?

        Does Brazil have issues? Absolutely! But that does not mean we cannot celebrate their culture and history. Someone mentioned Greece and Egypt. Do they currently have issues? I think so!

        I think Brazil makes sense. There are no other South American countries in Epcot. We already have a Northern African country in Morocco and we have a bunch of European and Asian countries as well. So why not Brazil? There are other countries that I would prefer to see, but I understand why Disney is choosing Brazil.

    • Straight answer? Because lots of Americans have this intense antipathy for everything south of the border. It’s really gross to see on display here.

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