BREAKING: Disneyland Buckles to Public Pressure and Will Remove Shop from Main Street Cinema

Jessica Figueroa

BREAKING: Disneyland Buckles to Public Pressure and Will Remove Shop from Main Street Cinema

Last Friday, we came to you with the harrowing news that the Main Street Cinema at Disneyland had been turned into… a store. Well, now it appears the pop-up shop won’t even last a week, thanks to resounding guest backlash across both coasts.

In a recent piece by Theme Park Insider, plans to remove the shop have been unveiled as the shop’s merchandise will be removed overnight, and an additional bench installed due to guest feedback.

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You may recall that the Walt Disney World’s Main Street Cinema was converted into a store all the way back in 1998, and while it seemed like Disneyland would never pull the trigger on the conversion of their 1955 staple, this (albeit short-lived) conversion still has us feeling somewhat shaken.

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Thankfully, the pop-up shop rendered no permanent changes to the space, and once all the merchandise is removed tonight, we hope the cinema will return to its former quaint (and quiet) glory.

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Further testing is still in the works for this treasured alcove, so it’ll be interesting, yet somewhat nerve-racking, to see what could potentially come next. Whatever happens, we hope fans and guests alike will be just as vocal about any changes they feel tarnish historical elements and guest experience within the park. (Now, if only we could get this to work with the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World…)

As for the original turnstiles that were removed upon the shop’s opening, it’s unclear that they’ll ever come back. At least we’ll always have Tilly… or so we hope.

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    • For real! Even increasing the price of a flattened penny? And to think, people on here actually defended them and said they weren’t greedy. 😂

    • It won’t happen. With the demand for park access still at a high level, it only makes sense for them to up ticket prices, otherwise it’s just revenue lost. It’s all about supply and demand and seeing that the parks guest numbers continue to climb, I doubt this will change anytime soon.

      • I disagree. Rumor is the WDW is expecting a slow summer. Deals on Florida resident tickets etc. They expect GE to bring on the crowds. Sure you get the one day visitor, but you might lose out on people staying multiple days.

    • Price hikes are from the raises they just gave their employees. Have to pay for it somehow.

      • Haha they could already afford it quite well. It’s the greedy owners and ceos who should be getting less money

      • Are you kidding me? Those employees have to kill them selves working overtime just to make ends meet, you have no clue about how dirty and greedy Disney is…… Smh

      • Oh so true Gerry! It’s not like they own and make billions in profit from movie studios, theme parks, TV channels and intellectual property combined. You moron.

    • Right?! We want to go to Disneyland and take our kids but it would mean setting aside $2000 for us to be able to take all of our kids and feed them in the park etc.. and that doesn’t include the price of souvenirs.. it’s such a dissapointment that Disneyland is basically well out of most Americans pocket book . I’m sure Walt and Roy never wanted Disneyland to be unaffordable for most American families.. it’s a shame really…

      • Just returned from Disney and Universal last night. Disney tix for 4 people, 2 days park hopper was $ 1200 +, and Universal 2 days 2 parks (Islands of Adventure)was a little more BUT – Universal gave us 3 extra days of same tickets that we used the last day there. Food was okay at Univesal and worse at Disney but BOTH were overpriced. Finally, 4 days of rain out of 5 days there, we managed to get some non rain time each day and soaked on other days. Thank God we are able to afford it but wish more could!

      • I’m sure Walt and Roy never expected to have Disneyland be on every American’s radar CONSTANTLY on a weekly or daily basis thanks to the news, social media, ABC, Movies, internet advertising, email, and word of mouth. Or airfare to cost half of what it used to relatively. When every person in the U.S and every person globally who knows about these places wants to go, then yeah…everybody can’t. If you want to go somewhere everyone can afford, there are 75 regional parks better than anything that existed in the 60s.

  1. That is great news! And I never realized that they had stuff for sale in the MK’s theater, maybe I’ve never been in there – just Disneyland’s. Also, I hope that CBJ can remain in MK (I never chimed in on that thread).

  2. That area serves no purpose. It should be converted into something more useful. Public pressure will only be temporary since they will do something else with it like demolish it.

    • The purpose of all of Main Street was – originally – to recreate the experience of walking down a REAL American Main Street of the turn of the last century. In the beginning, it really was that. Now it’s just a string of identical shops selling the same tshirts, toys and candy as every other. It’s too bad you never got to see the real thing.

      • So true! There is even a song.. I’m walking right down the middle of Main Street know it’s NO illusion it’s a dream that’s here to stay….

    • You better back off buddy! This is history! Long live Disneyland! Walt is probably rolling in his grave…

    • It serves the purpose of being a cinema. On Main Street. In turn-of-the-century America.

      Or is it that it is not Marvel or Star Wars, so you believe it serves no purpose?

      • It’s barely a cinema. There’s no real seating, the screens are smaller than most TVs nowadays. It’s just an odd space.

    • Good news! Now we have to make people aware of the importance of Country Bear Jamboree. I went to MK many times in the last few months (even on yellow and green days -meaning less than average crowds-) and CBJ was extremely popular! It would be a sin to close such a traditional and amazing show.

    • I agree with thanking them, though it is pretty stunning that highly-paid Disney executives are so out of touch that they ever thought this was a good idea. A random person plucked off the street could have made better decisions.

  3. I feel like it was going to a right direction , just not the best way to sell it , maybe sell those limited edition popcorn buckets or something cinema related or something that’s for a limited time only item while preserving the atmosphere of a theater. Or even a meet n greet for rare characters or common ones too , pretend it’s like the movie premiere with film clips playing in one of the screens ( to avoid lingering guests) it’s spacious enough to provide a line while also providing a quick sit and cool down location. I don’t know , as long as there is perseveration and good imagination?

    • No, no, and no. The cinema doesn’t need any “help.” Disneyland will lose its trademark “magic” (and has already lost much of it) if Disney tries to turn every nook and cranny into a bustling hot spot. There needs to be a balance between the frenzy of most of the park, and the all-important slower, quieter experiences to be had in other areas, like the cinema.

      I’m afraid that only those of us old enough to remember the real Disneyland and Disney World still appreciate the genius of the parks’ original designs. Younger generations have been served up a pale imitation by Disney’s modern-day management, and I think this often leads to the belief that Disney is just a fancier Six Flags, and should therefore be packed to the gills with thrill rides and constant adrenaline-fueled experiences. That’s not what Walt intended at all.

  4. Thank God. The amount of merchandise at Disneyland is genuinely getting out of hand. They claim they want to clear up space to make more room, then they roll out carts hawking generic merchandise into every available square foot. It’s GOOD to see them do this. Now if they’d remove about 80% of the carts selling crap no one needs (or hawking time shares) …

  5. if it’s not generating retail sales Disney wants it gone! between the outrageous price hikes on resort hotels, park passes, food, parking, merchandise and using New Attractions to bait guests into purchasing a annual pass to gain early entry into the new Star Wars land ” Galaxy’s Edge” Disney is out of control.
    But within the next few years Disney will price its customer base right out of the parks and the ship will start to sink. Families are already voicing concerns how expensive for a family of four to visit the resort parks.

  6. Wow! At least you had merchandise in yours!
    Ours is just an air conditioned TV room with 3 benches in a circle, that can only accommodate a few people. It should be an old movie cinema that plays over and over with old cinema seats so more people could get out of the heat, in Cali.

    • I do agree that the cinema should be remodeled to look more like an actual cinema, with antique theater seats and one larger screen. The real reason it exists (outside the fevered imaginations of Disney bean counters) is to create the illusion of walking through a real turn of the century small town. Main Street was intended to evoke nostalgia for the best of the past. I highly doubt that many of those little towns had every building packed full of overpriced trinkets for sale.

      Next, I would purge all merchandise from the Penny Arcade and restore it to its original purpose as well. If we were paying a nominal amount to visit Disneyland, then maybe I could see some justification for Disney to try to maximize additional revenue via retail. But when you’re paying hundreds just to walk in the gate, its insulting to see Main Street turned into essentially just a themed shopping mall.

  7. There should be a quiet dark place in every area of the park to go escape to . Not just for kids with special needs but adults also.. so many people suffer from anxiety, migraines, PTSD, etc .. and these quiet areas to escape into if needed would be awesome to have access to throughout the parks.. and even possibly a qualified person for first aide and CPR and trained in special needs and anxiety related disorders.. would also be good to have first aid supplies and fresh water for dehydration emergencies and granola bars for diabetics on hand etc . And darkness… I ha e a migraine right now and a quiet dark room is the best thing for that…

  8. Thank goodness. I’m old, old school Disney and really appreciate being able to see cartoons and films that you really don’t get to see much of anyplace else. Such a bygone era.

  9. Thank you Disney! Please also double the admission price. Lets clear out the riffraff so Muffy and I can finally enjoy the park.

  10. Disney is doing their best to monetize everything that Uncle Walt taught us to love. I refuse to spend any money on them anymore, haven’t been to Disneyland in thirty years or more (back when all ride admission was only $35), haven’t seen a Disney film in theater (with exception of the Star Wars franchise) in just as long. Everything they touch now seems to be ruined.

    • I agree, and the ultimate insult is to not only try to monetize EVERYTHING, but also to flood the park with hordes of locals via the annual pass program, to the point that it is now impossible to ever experience the park as originally intended. I was there in early May with my family, spent thousands to travel there, and couldn’t even move the place was so overpacked. And they were all locals. The resulting chaos not only involved the unmanageable crowds, but also local kids (and some adults) yakking and yelling along with the narration in every ride, simply because they go there all the time and have it memorized. This ruined several rides because family members who were with me and had never been there before couldn’t hear the music and narration over all the rudeness. The Haunted Mansion was a classic example: You can rarely hear what is occurring in the stretching room because the locals have heard it so many times they long ago started mocking the narration every time and screaming over it. And that is but one of MANY examples.

      Anyone notice, with the current Galaxy’s Edge-related AP blackouts, how PLEASANT the park looks and feels? I’ve been checking the Disneyland app during this period and wait times for rides have consistently been much lower than usual, and are now in fact right about where a sane person would want them in order to actually enjoy their time there.

      Of course, I know that the usual insanity will return soon enough once the blackout dates end, but if Disney doesn’t seriously rein that program in I don’t know that I will return. I’ve had enough of the revenue-first driven mob scene that Disney has created.

  11. The only thing Disney’s management is concerned with is money. So much so that they do not run the parks like they use to with the gusts being the most important thing.

  12. Walt had a namesake grandson… Middle name Christopher or Christian, l believe. It’s time for a third generation Disney-kin to wear the mantle! There’s no one with the finesse and quiet good taste of 1970s-’80s Robt. F.Jani to “shepherd” the park. Walt! Re-Incarnate, Sir!

  13. I’ve been going to Disney world all of my life and I’ve been taking my kids all of their lives. One of our favorite thing’s to do is go to the Country Bear’s Jamboree! It was a terrible move on Disney’s part to remove the Chinese theater and the Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon. Don’t even get me started on the removal of the Honey I shrunk the Kid’s play ground!!!

  14. The changes to the World of disney store at Downtown Disney is awful as well. It went from a charming store with many characters throughout the store to this sterile tunnel resmbling a Gap store. Just awful.

  15. While I’m pleased that Team Disney Anaheim listened to what Park Guests wanted with regards to Main Street Cinema – here’s another kind suggestion!

    Please turn it an actual Cinema with a 20 foot screen, plush Theatre Seats (at least 3 rows of 10 Seats) and a Velvet Curtain that comes down after the series of cartoons are done (make it 20 minutes worth)!

    Please feel free to sell refreshments by the Entrance, followed by merchandise related to the cartoons at Disney Gallery! Main St USA deserves more than a Cinema and Moments with Abraham Lincoln – how about deciding what other sort of Attraction / Ride can be developed and built (using original Walt Disney intellectual property – not everything needs to pander to Pixar and Marvel) vs shoving in one more place to buy merchandise, or dine!

    Please keep the Live Entertainment (The Dapper Dans), resurrect The Firehouse Five Plus Two (pay homage), and realizing how much the bean counters allowed Team Disney Burbank to schill for 20th Century Fox (70 billion +) …. we know that corporate makes enough money that there is no need to raise admission prices AND Cast Members could be given a wage a wage that pays more!

    Please consider the fact that the city of Anaheim was willing to work with you over 10 years ago to buy property across the street on Harbor and Katella (where a third Theme Park could have been built + multi-level Parking + extension of the Monorail). Try cooperating with the City one more time and make all three of that happen! You can accommodate the increased demand, as well as remain profitable (it’s also okay to have paid “corporate sponsorship” that can finance maintaining Rides and Attractions – which might keep your water towers from becoming dirty and filled with legionnaires disease next time)!

    Please understand the fact that when the Federal / State Government gives you a tax break? It’s so that you can pay your Employees a living wage vs continuously overpaying corporate cronies! Threatening to take those raises away from workers who want to Unionize is “no bueno” (listen to what Walt Disney’s Granddaughter has to say!)

    And finally – please put the Walt back in Disney!

  16. As long as park visitor count climbs, so too will prices for everything. A family of four will need a second mortgage to fund a day trip to Disney in the near future.

  17. It seems like someone at Disney is making a lot of poor decisions lately. No need to go through the list. They need to remember that even Rome fell.

  18. Wonder what walt Disney would say. When he was alive senior trips would go to Washington d c to see the USA history and govt . But today seniors go to Disneyland. Or world. What would walt say. Yours Evans w Robinson

  19. I have a great idea for entertaining guests while they wait in those abysmally, long lines with impatient, whining children. Why not put video screens of Disney movies throughout the wait. It’s a great draw piquing the interest into wanting to buy the dvd just to see the rest of the movie. And it shows appreciation for the BIG bucks paid by Disney customers. Went Cmas, which is the testing ground for a horribly long wait. Wont go again if we have to go thru long, boring corridors just twiddling our thumbs while reassuring a small child. “Are we there yet”?

  20. You never said WHY the shop is closing. All i saw was a lot of patriotic items which I love.
    What’s the problem?

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