New Permit Points Toward Rumored Mickey’s PhilharMagic Digital Upgrades at Magic Kingdom

It seems like PhilharMagic at the Magic Kingdom is one step closer to a rather large refurbishment. A permit was recently filed with Orange County that seems to back up the PhilharMagic refurbishment rumor we posted about last month.

The general description of the permit states the following:

Termination of installation of the A/V and Show Control System

Installing new A/V and Show Control Systems is a large and time-consuming update that indicates an extensive presentation improvement. In our article from last month, we stated that PhilharMagic was expected to get a digital upgrade later this year which seems to align with the permit.

The address on the permit puts the A/V and Show Control improvements somewhere in Fantasyland near PhilharMagic. Considering the nature of the work and the location listed on the permit, it seems the digital update to PhilharMagic may be happening sooner rather than later.

As with any rumor, plans may change, but permits like this can be the first indication that work may be progressing.

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