PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 6/24/19 (New Toy Story 4 Merchandise, Galaxy’s Edge Glimpses, Epic Eats, ETC.)


beverly sunset boutique

PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 6/24/19 (New Toy Story 4 Merchandise, Galaxy’s Edge Glimpses, Epic Eats, ETC.)

Spending time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will never get old for me, and if I can say that now while it’s going through the transition phase it’s in right now, I think it’s a pretty safe statement. That said, I am very excited to see this park continue to evolve, so let’s get our park walk started today to see what’s new!

disney's Hollywood Studios tower of terror

tower hotel gifts

Sunset Boulevard

rock n roller coaster
I love this logo, its so good it almost makes me sad that the record label isn’t real.

mickey's of hollywood

Mickey’s of Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard remains closed for its extensive refurbishment. There’s been no reopening date announced yet, but my bets are heavily on that it will be back up and running by the time Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge starts previewing for Guests in August. They’ll need every bit of extra space to accommodate for the capacity of the extra Guest flow that is sure to arrive with the new land.

mickey's of hollywood

sunset club couture

Sunset Club Couture is still going strong as one of the only large merchandise shops left in operation in the park right now.

beverly sunset boutique

In Beverly Sunset Boutique, Toy Story 4 merchandise has taken over most of the whole shop. We showed you the new Bo Peep jumpsuit and Toy Story 4 printed dress shop dress available on Shop Disney, but they’ve arrived in the parks now as well. I appreciate the attention to detail with Bo’s jumpsuit especially, in the fact that it comes with a skirt that converts into a cape, just like hers.

bo peep dress shop

bo peep dress shop

toy story 4 dress shop

My personal favorite piece of merchandise from this whole collection has to be this Billy, Goat, and Gruff purse. They were the real stars of the new movie, in my opinion, and this bag was SO soft.

toy story 4 billy goat and gruff

The Toy Story 4 Dooney & Bourke collection is also available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It features the same print as the Dress Shop dress against a cream background.

toy story 4 dooney & Bourke

toy story land slinky dog dash

In Toy Story Land, I checked in on the glimpses of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge that we can see over the walls in the distance. I’m still curious to see if these sight lines remain this way once the land opens, because the tallest spires aren’t exactly doing a good job at hiding in the distance from Andy’s Backyard.

Star Wars galaxys edge

Star Wars galaxys edge

grand avenue

Over in Grand Avenue, by the future entrance of Galaxy’s Edge, there’s still work to be done on the back of the show building for the former home of the Great Movie Ride, and future home of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. They’re removing the ABC advertisement billboards that used to hang there, most likely for sight line purposes in Galaxy’s Edge.

muppet vision

The scaffolding on the back of the Muppet Vision building has also finally come down, so NOBODY LOOK AT IT, it’s supposed to be blending in now.

epic eats

The menu at the newly renamed Epic Eats (formerly Oasis Canteen) has been updated to reflect the changes we reported were coming when we first noticed the name change. They now carry a Rum Island Breeze and a seasonal Sam Adams, and don’t worry, the alcoholic Dreamsicle Float that was on the old menu is still available to order.

epic eats

Hollywood Studios Skyliner

Outside the park, I checked in on the Skyliner Station. I noticed that they’ve added new strips of red neon lights around the tops of the spires. No gondola testing today, though.

Hollywood Studios skyliner

That’s it for my walk around Disney’s Hollywood Studios today! Stay tuned to WDWNT for continued updates on the continued evolution of this park!

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