PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 6/25/19 (Citizens of Hollywood, New Star Wars Shirts, and Construction Updates)

Welcome to Hollywood

You may have noticed that “preferred parking” has its own logo now! You can find this little icon on signage throughout the parking lots on property.

Construction is continuing at the entrance to the park. Most of the new security structure was finished some time back, but now they have to finish the last chunk of it.

It will be nice for this all to be finished, so we can once again have an unobstructed view of the entrance.

When possible, get to Hollywood Studios first thing in the morning. Don’t, however, do what everyone else does and run towards Slinky Dog Dash or Tower of Terror. No, you should hang around Hollywood Boulevard until 9:15 for the Citizens of Hollywood!

They do a great welcome bit on the left side of the street every morning. Audience participation is encouraged!

“Ninety-nine pineapples walk into a bar…”

I hope you like bad jokes, because they’re full of them!

On a less funny note, I noticed they finally replaced the umbrellas at the former Starring Rolls Cafe. The cafe closed in 2017, but the signage had remained on the umbrellas ever since.

The actual sign is still there, just covered by a tarp.

Construction Projects

Scrims are still up at the mystery building across from Star Tours.

Expanded bathrooms, maybe?

Enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Grand Avenue while you can. In less than two months when Galaxy’s Edge opens, this will be the busiest street in the park.

The crane is very busy moving the last few pieces into position ahead of the opening.


I’m going to give you all a little tip: Hollywood Studios is the best place (outside of maybe Disney Springs) to pick up pins. They seem to keep limited editions in stock longer than any other location. I always have good luck here.

Toy Story 4 merchandise is everywhere in the park, but something caught my eye today:

They have Ducky, but where’s Bunny?! I have yet to see him in the parks. They were inseparable (literally) in the movie!

Bath playset ($29.99)

I found this playset of Minnie’s dog Fifi in Animation Courtyard. It was too cute not to take a picture of.

You can use actual water with it!

Star Wars

Star Wars Shirt ($34.99)

I noticed that Star Wars Launch Bay has a bunch of classic shirt options now, if you’re looking for something to wear to the Galaxy’s Edge opening.

Star Wars Shirt ($34.99)
Long Sleeve Star Wars Shirt ($39.99)
Star Wars Button Down Shirt ($64.99)
Star Wars Button Down Shirt ($64.99)

The Baseline Tap House shirt is also back in stock at Stage 1 Studio Store. It had been out of stock for several weeks.

Et Cetera

I was dismayed to find that one of my favorite options from the Neighborhood Bakery in Pixar Place is no longer offered.

The “Hero” sandwich is missing! Apparently it didn’t sell well enough. What a shame.


That’s it from Hollywood! I’m going to go help Beau Wrangler here find his lost horse.

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2 years ago

The mystery building across from star tours is going to be added bathrooms.