PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/4/19 (Main Street Surprises, Construction Updates and Fun Aladdin Ornaments!)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/4/19 (Main Street Surprises, Construction Updates and Fun Aladdin Ornaments!)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/4/19 (Main Street Surprises, Construction Updates and Fun Aladdin Ornaments!)

Summer is finally here at the Magic Kingdom, as well as everything that comes with it: crowds, heat, and as usual a few surprises. Let’s see what’s in store for us today!

magickingdom6 4 19 7

Main Street U.S.A.

magickingdom6 4 19 2

Look who was wandering around Main Street this morning: Mary Poppins! A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

magickingdom6 4 19 6

She even went for a ride with a few lucky guests. You normally can see her at her gazebo near Liberty Square, but I guess sometimes she just likes to get out and about.

magickingdom6 4 19 1

Of course Mary Poppins isn’t the only one you can see on Main Street. Between the Trolley Show and the Citizens of Main Street, there’s always a well-dressed someone to see.

magickingdom6 4 19 28

magickingdom6 4 19 4

Over at the Main Street railroad station, they switched out the Roger Broggie for the Roy O. Disney. They’re trying not to let any individual train sit out for too long during the WDW Railroad’s extensive refurbishment. This is the third train we’ve seen parked here since railroad closed back in December.

magickingdom6 4 19 3


magickingdom6 4 19 5

You can see a section of the new track from the station. This has all been replaced with all new parts, including new railroad ties and screws instead of the traditional nails.

magickingdom6 4 19 9

Not a ton has changed over at the castle path widening project.

magickingdom6 4 19 10

You can see though that they’ve torn into the old path already. That’s a good sign.

magickingdom6 4 19 1

The Tron coaster site looks about the same as in previous days, but there were some workers up high on the tracks today. Keep it steady, boys!

magickingdom6 4 19 16

This little project is new to me. There’s something brewin’ over at Miner’s Cove, the (until recently) smoking section near Big Thunder Mountain.

magickingdom6 4 19 15

The pathway is blocked off on one side and tarps are covering the area.

magickingdom6 4 19 20

You can still access the old dock, though you can’t smoke there anymore.

magickingdom6 4 19 17

magickingdom6 4 19 19

It looks like they tore into a landscaped area here, because I don’t remember any path here.

magickingdom6 4 19 18

Maybe they’re preparing to do something with this old stall? This hasn’t been used in ages.


magickingdom6 4 19 21

Have a FastPass for The Jungle Cruise?

magickingdom6 4 19 22

Well so does everybody else, apparently. This is a side effect of the summer crowds starting to pick up.

magickingdom6 4 19 23

You have to go wait by the Magic Carpets of Aladdin camel. Watch out– they spit.

magickingdom6 4 19 24
Ornament ($21.99)

Speaking of Aladdin, I stumbled upon a couple really cute ornaments in Adventureland. This one, with Abu and Carpet…

magickingdom6 4 19 25
Ornament ($21.99)
magickingdom6 4 19 26
Ornament ($21.99)

… and this wonderful lamp ornament.

magickingdom6 4 19 27
Ornament ($21.99)

Look who’s inside!

Et Cetera

magickingdom6 4 19 11
Marie Bottle ($9.99)

This just made me laugh for some reason. Among the other children’s drink ware was this cute Marie (from the Aristocats) sippy cup.

magickingdom6 4 19 12

The straw pops out of her neck like a chest-burster from Alien.

magickingdom6 4 19 13

As we briefly mentioned the other day, Castle Cotoure has been taken over completely by the Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique. You’re no longer allowed in to browse, as all the merchandise has been moved across the street to Sir Mickey’s. This is now exclusively the realm of little princesses and their court.

magickingdom6 4 19 14


Anyway, that’s all from me today! We’ll keep you updated on anything and everything in the parks this summer, so stay with us!

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  1. I believe that they are going to be bringing back the Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes, we saw some canoes covered in blue plastic at the end of April, and now that you show the activity in Miners cove, I really think this is may be happening!

  2. Speaking of the non-existent smoking areas now I told guest services a couple of times they are going to have to give them a place to smoke. That I experienced going into the bathroom to a cloud of smoke. 🤢 I would much rather walk past a smoking area in the outside air than crammed in a bathroom 🚽 smelling it!!! Blech!

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