new wall outlining pathway

PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Pathway Widening Project at the Magic Kingdom – 6/10/19 Update

The path that runs along the side of Cinderella Castle has been closed for a few months, and we’re eagerly awaiting the reopening. We’ve been watching the progress from the bridge during our visits, and today we noticed some interesting changes. You can see a lot more of the outline for the new widened pathway.

Most of the old hand railings and fencing have been removed from the old path. There’s safety tape for the crew at work, but the permanent metal fences and temporary wooden fences have all been removed. You can see the expansion is well underway.

The walls on both sides of the pathway are broken away, and some have exposed framework.

The new pathway size looks like it will help with guest flow during busy times. Hopefully the cute little benches will return so we can sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the castle. This is a great place for sunset castle photos, and the benches add to the scenery.

From the other direction, we can see how much wider the pathway looks.

castle moat pathway

moat pathway widening

It’s exciting to see the progress being made to help improve the guest experience. Even though we miss the convenient cut-through to Fantasyland, it’s going to be so much easier to navigate once it reopens.

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Unk Scrooge
Unk Scrooge
2 years ago

Let’s hope they bring back the Swan Boats!

2 years ago

If I would’ve known that the last time that I was there, I would’ve appreciated it more. 14 years is a very long time when you are used to visiting3 times a year.

2 years ago

Some of the best times of my life where in WDW. My girlfriends and I used to stay at the campgrounds in a cabin. I feel so lucky that I was able to spend New Year’s Eve there! 97-98. Hands down the best NYE EVER! I also LOVED the All Star themed hotels also. I never had any complaints about long lines. I just felt grateful to simply be there. 💝

2 years ago

When will the construction on Cinderella Castle b done. Coming down in October 2019