PHOTOS: Menu Board Installed at Takumi-Tei Signature Restaurant in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot

We’ve been chronicling the progress on the upcoming third sit-down restaurant, Takumi-Tei, at the Japan pavilion in Epcot for the last several months. The final details seem to be coming together as we get closer to the (as of yet, unspecified) Summer 2019 opening date. Let’s take a look at what’s changed recently.

The restaurant’s entrance will be just to the right of the existing building (Tokyo Dining and the Mitsukoshi department store.)

What’s this, peeking through the trees?

Why, it’s the first piece of signage! Judging by the size and placement, I’d say this is probably a menu board.

It’s right up against the pathway, surrounded by some nice new landscaping. The shrubbery and wood fencing is all new, too.

The hill next to the entrance is basically a forest now with all the new bamboo and landscaping they’ve added over the last month. It looks quite nice, in my opinion, and really drives home the naturalistic theme of the new restaurant.

The roofing on the entrance courtyard looks to be about finished as well. This kind of slanted roof along a wall is quite common in traditional Japanese architecture.

This understated hallway will be the entrance to the restaurant.

Takumi-Tei will feature five different dining rooms, each themed to a different traditional Japanese element: water, wood, earth, stone or paper. They will also offer a multi-course tasting menu, as well as traditional Japanese tea service. We’ll keep you updated once reservations become available for this new dining experience at Epcot, though be aware, you might need to wear a tie!