PHOTOS: New Beverage Holder Cozies Arrive at the Magic Kingdom

Just in time for those summer barbecues, Disney has released a new collection of beverage holders. These fabric drink cozies are super cute and the perfect way to celebrate summer with an ice cold drink.

Princess Beverage Holder Cozies – $14.99

These might be perfect for hanging out by the pool and relaxing (or just sitting by the air conditioner). “If you need me, I’ll be in my castle” is written on the black drink holder, complete with pink castle at the top. “I leave sparkle everywhere I go” is written on the pink one. And of course, the glass slipper is at the very top.

The backs have subtle designs that really show off your princess power. The pink holder has Cinderella’s glass slipper, surrounded by twinkling stars on the back. The black cozy has a bright pink castle. Loving these!

I’ll be your Mickey/Minnie Beverage Holder Cozies – $14.99

This is such a cute set for a couple! “I’ll be your Minnie” is written on a white drink cozy, and “I’ll be your Mickey” on the black one. These would be even cuter with the matching shirts.

The back of the cozies each have Minnie and Mickey body parts on them. Minnie’s shoe, hat, bow, and glove stand out on the white holder. Mickey’s shorts, glove, ears, and shoe are on the matching black drink holder.

Grumpy Beverage Holder Cozies- $14.99

If the summer heat makes you a little bit grumpy, this beverage holder set might be perfect for you! Grumpy is having none of this nonsense. “Grumpy by Choice” and “How About No” come in a pair together.

The back of the drink holders have Grumpy making some pretty unhappy faces. We’ve all been there.

We spotted these at Mickey’s Star Traders in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom, but we’re sure they’ll be showing up around the rest of the resort soon. Will you be picking these up for your next summer cook out?