Hot Pink MagicBand

PHOTOS: New Imagination Pink Open Edition MagicBand Arrives at Big Top Souvenirs in the Magic Kingdom

If you’ve been getting hyped for the new Imagination Pink (and Magic Mirror) ears and merchandise releasing later this month, then you’ve probably already heard about the cupcake and macaron that have already arrived. While visiting the Magic Kingdom, we finally spotted the first piece of the Imagination Pink collection that isn’t edible. The new open edition MagicBand has arrived early and we’re definitely excited for more pink!

front of hot pink MagicBand in packaging

While browsing through Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom, a new bold-colored MagicBand caught our attention. The hot pink color is very eye-catching, and is sure to be a hit once the rest of the merchandise releases at the V.I.Passholder Shopping Event. The hot pink band is one of the lower-priced bands at just $14.99.

Hot Pink MagicBand

The band is a solid color the whole way around. While we spotted this band at the Magic Kingdom, we’re sure they’ll be available throughout the resort once the new Imagination Pink line officially releases.

back of MagicBand

What do you think of the new pink color? Will you be picking this MagicBand up to match the new collection?