REVIEW: Seasonal “Imagination Pink” Minnie Macaron at Roaring Fork in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

Greetings, nature lovers! We recently made a trip to Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort to check out their current seasonal offerings, and spotted a cute new Imagination Pink Seasonal Minnie Macaron! This new offering looks a bit similar to the DIY Mickey Macarons we made a while back. Will the flavor match the presentation? Let’s take a look and find out!

Roaring Fork is Wilderness Lodge’s cozy quick-service location. You can find it as you make your way over from the boat dock, to the right, or just down the ramp from the lobby.

Imagination Pink Seasonal Macaron – $6.99

The macaron is shaped like Minnie Mouse, with a bright “Imagination Pink” white chocolate bow and icing drizzle, sparkles, and a bright pink macaron cookie base.

The macaron has raspberry buttercream in both the shell and the inside filling.

The bow is made of white chocolate, and the balls on top are raspberry-flavored bits, so you get two tastes in one. The biggest issue with the bow is that it’s completely covered in a pink coloring as well as brushed with sparkles, which cause it to be extremely messy even with the lightest touch (the color bleeds onto your fingers,) and kinda gives the effect of biting into makeup, as weird as that sounds.

The macaron isn’t entirely promising either. In fact, the filling is the only enjoyable part of this one. The filling is creamy and packs a very punchy raspberry taste, which is nice. You do have to take a few initial bites to get to the filling, which is located more in toward the center, but once you get there it’s really the best element of the snack.

The shell of the macaroon was hugely disappointing. Maybe we just got a bad one that had been sitting for a while (as in, a few days) but the shell was extremely hard and crunchy, and upon taking one bite, it completely broke apart, indicating it hadn’t been baked right.

Here’s a better picture of the way the shell just broke apart on both pieces. The flavor was also non-existent as it just tasted like a bland, crunchy biscuit with no real flavor. This made the macaron extremely difficult to eat and the one saving grace was the filling on the inside, which carried the flavor and consistency of the snack. Without the filling, the macaron wouldn’t be edible.

Overall, we have to recommend that you skip this macaron. It’s a massive treat for $7, but it just isn’t good. It’s messy, overcooked, and simply unenjoyable. There are plenty of other great options at Roaring Fork that are much more enjoyable than this snack. While it’s a very pretty, Instagram-worthy choice, the flavor and texture just don’t live up to the hype.

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  1. Thank you for the honest review. We were excited to try this treat and had the same disappointing experience. It really didn’t taste like a macaron.

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