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PHOTOS: New Toy Story 4 and Imagination Pink Treats Arrive at the Ganachery in Disney Springs

One of our guilty pleasures when visiting Disney Springs is a trip to the Ganachery. Watching the chocolatiers at work through the window is never disappointing. This morning, we spotted some new treats in the work, and they’re now available for everyone to enjoy! OoOoOoOh… Things are about to get sweet.

The Chosen One – Toy Story Alien Chocolate Piñata – $25

Toy Story Green Alien Chocolate Piñata are available for $25 each. The Chosen Ones come filled with chocolate covered marshmallow treats. Don’t worry, you’ll receive a wooden mallet to crack open these chocolate spheres of goodness. The aliens even have different facial expressions, so you can choose your favorite green alien to smash open with a hammer. This is starting to sound like a creation by Sid.

I love that they even added intergalactic sprinkles to the mix! Stars, silver crispy pearls, and metallic colored sprinkles fill the bottom of the container.

Forky Chocolate Marshmallow Pop – $6.50

If you don’t have a crew assembled to take on an alien piñata, the Forky chocolate marshmallow pop might be the perfect solution. This chocolate dipped marshmallow has yellow crispy pearls around the outside, and a fluffy marshmallow on the outside. Yum.

Imagination Pink Chocolate Piñata- $25

Imagination Pink has also arrived at the Ganachery! An Imagination Pink chocolate piñata is now available. The bright pink ear headband sits atop a chocolate sphere packaged with more crispy pearls and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Imagination Pink-Berry Chocolate Square – $3

On a smaller, lighter note, the Imagination Pink-Berry chocolate squares are also available individually. The squares are decorated with a bright pink Mickey, and combine the flavors of strawberry and lemon with milk chocolate. This sounds like the perfect combination of flavors for summer.

The Ganachery chocolate never disappoints, so make sure you get these specialty items while you have a chance. They’re sure to be the perfect sweet treats to beat the heat!

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  1. Can you review the treat pinatas? I want to know what the inside looks like! And if it taste good/is anywhere near worth $25!

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