REVIEW: New Chocolate Extreme Shake at Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

The Plaza Restaurant at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., has been a staple of the Magic Kingdom since the early days of the park. These days, it’s well known for its American fare and, in my household, for milkshakes. They decided to try and kick their game up a notch with the introduction of their new featured milkshake, the “Chocolate Extreme Shake”.

They have this sign up at the check-in counter, teasing you to come inside and try it. Unfortunately, you do need a table to be able to order this desert (I was hoping they’d let me just order one to-go, but alas, no luck).

Chocolate Extreme Shake ($14.00)

Here it is, in all its glory. It’s quite the tall glass, and with the toppings, it makes for a tower of a dessert. If you want everyone in the restaurant to stare at you, this is the thing to order.

To get to the milkshake underneath, you have to dig through the glazed doughnut, whipped cream and whole ice cream cone on top.

At first I thought it was just for decoration, but no, it’s an actual, entire ice cream cone shoved in the top. It was a good cone, too. It’s the waffle cones they serve next door in the ice cream parlor, with chocolate ice cream inside. On a normal day, just the cone would have been enough for me. Today though, I had to push on––for you, the reader.

Underneath the cone is a glazed doughnut. It’s not a bad doughnut, either. It reminded me of a Krispy Kreme, but a little firmer. It didn’t really complement the chocolate in the ice cream, but I still enjoyed it.

The marshmallow on the straw is entirely edible, but mostly just for show. It doesn’t have much flavor.

The side of the glass is also coated in frosting and chocolate chips. Like the marshmallow, it’s for show. I wouldn’t recommend eating it unless you have a serious sugar deficiency.

The shake itself is very good. Honestly, it was my favorite part. It’s very rich and smooth, as a good shake should be. It was more chocolatey than the ice cream in the cone, but not overly so. A good shake can be hard to find in a theme park; this is one of the good ones.

The question is, is this worth $14? I’d say yes, but only if you split it with someone. It’s absolutely too much for one person. (I think I need to go lie down.) It might even be worth the money just to see the faces of everyone else in the restaurant when they bring it out to you.

The “Chocolate Extreme Shake” is $14 at the Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom. According to Cast Members, the shake will be available for “about a month”, with their goal being to have a different featured shake after that. I think we can look forward to more ridiculous, over-the-top concoctions from the Plaza in the near future.

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