toy story 4 Hamm cookie

REVIEW: Hamm’s Sweet ‘n Tart Cookie at The Trolley Car Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We showed you the new Forky Eclair that popped up at Backlot Express, but Forky’s time in the spotlight was short lived, as another Toy Story treat popped up today at The Trolley Car Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Behold, Hamm’s Sweet ‘n Tart Cookie.

toy story 4 Hamm cookie

The Hamm cookie is made up of two sugar cookies, with chocolate and cherry filling in between, coated in white chocolate. His little snout is fondant icing, and his angry eyes are more chocolate.

Okay, getting to the taste of this cookie sandwich. It was incredibly sweet, and didn’t really have anything to follow through on the tart promise that it’s name made. Honestly, I thought it definitely could have benefitted from more filling overall, as the taste of the white chocolate and the two sugar cookies overpowered the chocolate and cherry fillings on the inside. I did enjoy the texture of the cookies, they weren’t too crispy where they crumbled when you bit into them, but held their shape enough with all of the heavy white chocolate coating.

toy story 4 Hamm cookie

A word of warning though, that white chocolate coating starts melting very quickly in the Florida summer sun. If you’re planning on getting that perfect insta shot in Toy Story Land, make sure you walk with a purpose from The Trolley Car Cafe once you order.

trolley car cafe

If you’re looking to try this Hamm cookie yourself, its available at The Trolley Car Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, priced at $5.79.