PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 6/3/19 (World Showcase Construction Projects, Leave a Legacy Progress, ETC.)

Summer is here! You know what that means, right? No Epcot festivals for three whole months! Whatever shall we do? Well, there’s still plenty going on here at Epcot.

The park entrance is under the knife right now, but at least they have these cool new signs. I wonder if this is going to be the new official signage font…

First thing you’ll notice when you enter the park are these construction walls. The Leave A Legacy monuments are going away.

Forgive the blurriness, it was raining up against the monorail window when I took this picture. You can see pretty clearly, though, how much progress they’ve made in just the last week.

Over in the other half of the park, I took a stroll down to this area right at the front of World Showcase. No one is ever here during the day, though it’s always crammed during Illuminations.

There’s a great little telescope on the waterfront, though. It’s definitely worth taking a peek at if you never have. You can get some unique views of the different pavilions.

Amazingly I was able to capture some of these with my camera.

This is actually the best view you can get of the Ratatouille construction site in France from this angle without a telescopic camera lens.

Construction and Maintenance

For better views, you need to go all the way back to International Gateway (which is a mess right now, by the way.)

The walls of the facade for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are slowly coming together. The steel framing is finally getting some covering.

The construction walls along the water line, near the new pathway from the current pavilion, are sprouting up quickly as well.

From the front you’ll notice the construction wall has been moved back some. It had extended all the way to the gazebo. Now it’s back almost to the original backstage gate that was in this area.

We can finally walk through this breezeway near the perfume shop again.

While I was in France, I noticed these sign posts had been painted white. They are probably replacing the posters that usually adorn them.

It used to look similar to this one, which hasn’t been touched yet.

Over in Japan they’re moving right along on the upcoming signature restaurant, Takumi-Tei. Just the other day they started landscaping, and today it continues.

They’ve added bamboo!

They also can’t seem to decide what they want to do with these stones.

Concrete work continues in The American Adventure. First they were replacing bricks, now they’re doing these sections of pavement.

Last but not least, the Garden Grill in the Land is finally out from behind it’s jungle of planters. It appears that any problems they were having with the turntable have been fixed. Hurrah!

Merchandise and Such

World Cup Shirts ($24.99 each)

The Women’s World Cup is coming up, and being that it’s an international event, you can find officially licensed shirts for it all over World Showcase.

Pick one and show your international soccer pride! They’re cheaper when you buy two.

Father’s Day is right around the corner as well. Disney has a few gift suggestions for you.

Nothing says “perfect gift” like golf balls…

… or denim.

Spider-man Pin ($9.99)
Spider-man Pin ($12.99)

They also have these great Spider-man pins for the new movie. Maybe your dad likes Spider-Man?


That’s all for today! We’ll keep you updated on any and all news coming out of Epcot this summer.

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