PHOTOS: Tram Loop Demolition Begins at Epcot Entrance


PHOTOS: Tram Loop Demolition Begins at Epcot Entrance


PHOTOS: Tram Loop Demolition Begins at Epcot Entrance

Work is underway all across Walt Disney World property to re-configure the park entry experience for guests. Each location is different, with some projects being more complicated than others. At Epcot, construction walls went up a few weeks ago, but since then it’s been pretty quiet. Now, demolition has started in earnest on the old tram loop.

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The tram pick-up drop-off has temporarily moved, as the old location is being re-worked.

Demolition Begins

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As you can see, there’s quite a bit of demolition happening. All the landscaping and pavement have been ripped out.

epcottramloop5 8 19 1

The tram loading queues have been removed as well.

epcottramloop5 8 19 8

This project can all be view from the monorail station platform. They’re making quite a ruckus, as well.

epcottramloop5 8 19 7

Construction walls continue into the grassy area between the tram loop and the bus docks. No word as to how that area will be affected by all of this.

epcottramloop5 8 19 5

epcottramloop5 8 19 1

This is one of the pedestrian crossings from the parking lot under the monorail station. By now, it’s nothing but dirt.

epcottramloop5 8 19 3

epcottramloop5 8 19 2

This is the view looking out towards the parking lot.

epcottramloop5 8 19 4

…and this is the view to the East.

Where is This All Headed?

This appears to be a pretty big project. No official word as to what their final goal is for this area, but it’s bound to be part of their new vision for the Epcot park entrance.

Are they moving the tram drop-off? Are the security checkpoints being relocated? Or is this simply a repaving project? Only time will tell. Hopefully all this work means that in the near future we won’t have to go through security a second time coming off the monorail. That irks me to no end.

We’ll keep you updated as all of this work progresses. For now, we might just need to get used to the idea of construction walls throughout Epcot.

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  1. I am wondering why they use those pellets with building blocks behind those fences? Is this a security measure?

  2. 100% agree about the second security screening coming off the monorail! Hopefully that changes…

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