PHOTOS: New Tram Loop Construction Continues at Hollywood Studios (New Signage, Lights, Fences, ETC.)

Big changes are underway for the entrances to all four Walt Disney World theme parks. We’ve seen work just beginning at Epcot and over at the Transportation and Ticket Center, with changes set to start at Animal Kingdom soon.

The Hollywood Studios new security bag check and tram loop was the first of the projects to get started. We’ve been keeping tabs on it for a while, and it really looks like we’re in the home stretch as things start to take shape.

This is the view you’ll see as you exit the tram. Tram drop-off and pick-up will be separate, as they were before, just in a different location. You’ll walk this way toward the park entrance and go through the brand-new security screening structure.

Back towards the parking lot, concrete is being laid for the tram path itself. This was the last part of the project to get started. They’re making good progress.

There’s still some concrete left to pour.

You can see on the other side of the path that they’ve already installed lampposts, along with several new palm trees.

They’ve left plenty of open space on this side of security. They’ll need every inch of it once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in August.

The landscaping along here looks very nice. Simple, but a nice contrast to all the concrete. You can also see the new tram loading queues on the left side of this photo.

Lots of new lights have been installed over here as well.

They’ve started adding the outer layer to the bag check structure. It will match all the other entrance buildings, the bus loop and the Skyliner station when it’s finished.

They’ve also installed a few signs along the new path as well. I believe this one is the standard “security screening” warning.

Over near the park turnstiles, near Guest Relations, they’ve installed a new fence. You used to be able to access the restrooms over here from inside security. Looks like they’ve changed that. I believe the exit towards the tram loading area will be in this general vicinity as well.

We’ll keep you updated as this project reaches it’s finale!

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