epcot spaceship earth

PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 4/26/19 (Paper Straws, New Merchandise, Construction Updates, ETC.)

Welcome to another beautiful Spring day and another WDWNT photo report, this time from Epcot. Let’s get started!

epcot spaceship earth

Epcot bubblegum instagram wall

wonders of life bunny

One of my favorite things to do every time I hit up Epcot, is wander over in front of the Wonders of Life pavilion and the old Energy Pavilion (current Guardians coaster construction site), because more often than not, you can spot a few bunnies hanging out on the grassy hills that surround the areas. Disney critters make me happy, and the bunnies are definitely the fairest of them all.

guardians of the galaxy coaster construction

Speaking of Guardians, with the current changes being made to the Epcot Entrance, you can get a whole new view of the show building for the coaster with the new walk in from the side of the parking lot.

guardians of the galaxy coaster construction

epcot entrance construction

From the top of the monorail station, you’ll be able to get a pretty good view at this project as progress unfolds, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like to much has happened except the area being close off.

garden grill

In the Land Pavilion, the turntable that usually rotates in the Garden Grill seemed to be broken. This isn’t an exceptionally unusual occurrence, and when this happens is usually when you see these plants put up around the entrance to the restaurant. I’m assuming it wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience dining at one of the tables in the front of the restaurant with no view but other guests walking by and staring as you chew.

awesome planet

The curtain is still up in front of the theater for the upcoming Awesome Planet feature, but when I walked by the rope was dropped. I resisted the urge to make a break for it, though.

butterfly garden

The Butterfly Garden is consistently one of my favorite things to check in on my visits to Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. Its usually a hit-or-miss kind of situation on if you’re going to see a lot of butterflies, but today was definitely the best visit I’ve had this season.

butterfly garden

butterfly garden

butterfly garden

riviera vacation club

In ImageWorks, at the exit of Journey into Imagination and the entrance to Epcot’s Disney Vacation Club lounge, a new line of Riviera Resort Merch has arrived.

riviera resort

Check out the post for the full line of this dated opening Merch for the newest Disney Resort!

international gateway

Last week, we showed you the new temporary entrance set up at the International Gateway entrance into Epcot, and construction is still ongoing for this project. This expanded entryway will definitely come in handy when the Skyliner opens later this year.

smoking section

Only a few days left for smoking inside the gates of a Disney Park.

Japan restaurant construction

The new Japan restaurant construction site hasn’t changed much recently and was quiet today.

american adventure

The brickwork around the American Adventure is really coming along, though.

american adventure

epcot construction

Careful guys, don’t trip over this cracked corner of pavement. It’s a good thing its stanchioned off.

paper straws

Last but not least, paper straws have officially arrived and are taking over across the Walt Disney World Resort. Expect one of these every time you order a soda on property from now on.

That’s it for another Epcot photo report! Thanks for tagging along!

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2 years ago

Garden Grill turntable is functioning properly. They currently have to stop it 2 hours of the day to prep lunch and dinner because the kitchen elevator is being rehabbed.