PHOTOS: First Leave A Legacy Monolith Demolished, Guest Photo Plaques Now Actively Being Removed at Epcot


PHOTOS: First Leave A Legacy Monolith Demolished, Guest Photo Plaques Now Actively Being Removed at Epcot


PHOTOS: First Leave A Legacy Monolith Demolished, Guest Photo Plaques Now Actively Being Removed at Epcot

As we announced earlier in the month, progress has begun on the removal of the Leave A Legacy monoliths at the entrance to Epcot. The walls went up recently, but actual demolition didn’t seem to start right away. Well, now it has!

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The first step, as one would assume based on Disney’s official announcement, is to remove the actual legacy plaques. These are being relocated to someplace just outside the park entrance. Once these are removed, then the removal of the monoliths themselves can happen.

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They look like they were glued on there pretty good.

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Only some of the monuments have lost their plaques so far.

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What’s this? One of the smaller monoliths seems to already be missing. All that’s left behind is a concrete base.

leavealegacymonument5 29 19 8

This tells me the monoliths themselves might not be that hard to remove. The bases, on the other hand, will require some digging. All the accent lights will need to be removed as well. Expect all the concrete in the area to ultimately be replaced.

This is just the first phase of the hard reset on the park entrance. You can expect work to continue throughout the summer. We’ll keep you updated as things change.

Are you excited for the new entrance? Will you miss the monoliths? Do you or someone you know have a Leave A Legacy photo in the park? Let us know!

36 thoughts on “PHOTOS: First Leave A Legacy Monolith Demolished, Guest Photo Plaques Now Actively Being Removed at Epcot”

  1. There is a picture of the monoliths being built floating around, it shows that they are not solid stone but just sheets of stone attached to a metal frame which should make them pretty easy to remove.

  2. I did Leave a Legacy during my first trip to Epcot with my girlfriend (now wife) … and I won’t miss those giant concrete obstacles in the least!

  3. My wife and I had a Leave A Legacy photo in the park. Any idea where it will be relocated?

  4. We have our leave a legacy there…..I wonder if we can recover the picture……..The picture was taken just before we were married and before our 12 year old was born……..I wonder if we can claim them at some point.

  5. I have a picture on the Leave a legacy plaques. It’s me with my mom who passed away in 2003!

  6. As someone who is now divorced from the person whom I got my Leave a Legacy photo with, this pleases me. Mostly because my new husband can no longer point and laugh at it. :)

  7. We had our daughter’s picture put there during her first trip to Disney World 18 years ago.

  8. Our girls have a leave a legacy from when they were young. It would be nice to know where they are relocating them or if we can claim them…. will definitely be missed as now one is a mom and wanted to show her son this Christmas. ☹️

  9. My husband and I have a Leave a Legacy Plaque as well as my youngest son and his now wife. We always checke them out when there. I hope they relocate them somehere. After all that’s why we purchased them.

  10. My first grandchild had her picture there in 2004 when she was 6 years old. She passed away a few years ago, a victim of cystic fibrosis. I hope that I will be able to see her picture there again some day.

  11. I am disappointed to see them go as my family and I visit annually to admire our photos that include a deceased loved one. At this point we are able to walk straight up to it without a guide. I am interested in knowing how we may be able to find our photos once they are transferred to the outside of the park.

  12. My son and I have a monolith at Epcot
    His first trip to WDW
    He was 5 yrs old at the time
    He is now 31
    Would love to be able to recover it if possible

    • I too have a picture with my grandson when he was 4 years old. He is now 23 and we look at it every year we are there.

  13. This is very sad to me. My wife and I had our picture put up there 20 years or so ago. We make it a tradition to try and find it anytime we go to Disney world over the years. Gonna miss it. 😢

  14. I have a leave a legacy photo.. havent seen it in over 10 years. Was looking forward to seeing it in June.. but guess I wont get to see it😔

  15. We have a Leave a Legacy photo in the park (2 actually) and Im sad to see them being moved.. I remember when they went up and how cool everyone thought it was.. I feel like it never fully made the impact they hoped for though.

  16. My husband and I had one from 2001. We were back to visit it a couple of months ago. I’m so glad we got to see them before demolition.

  17. We have a LaL photo there. Well, we did……. I last saw it during my visit in 2017. Hopefully they will be available at another location in the future.

  18. My mom and I have a leave a legacy photo at Epcot. Where will the pictures be located for us to find them the next time we are at the park? Will they be by the new skyline entrance?

  19. We did the Leave a Legacy plaques on my son’s first visit to Disney when he was 5 years old. Tragically, my husband passed away just a few years later and on our first trip afterward, when we stopped to find our pictures as we did at the start of each visit to Epcot, my son said ‘Look mom, we’ll always be together at Disney’’. Man, did I need a box of tissues! We arrived on our most recent trip the day after the construction wall went up, of course on the side our pictures were located.😥 But I am happy that Disney is relocating them to another spot. They have a great deal of sentimental value for many of us who purchased them.

  20. My wife and I had two pictures made on our Honeymoon 12 years ago this past May. The copies are in our wedding book. Glad they are relocating them to outside the entrance. Look forward to seeing them in October.

  21. We will miss seeing our daughter’s face when we come to EPCOT. It was to celebrate her finishing chemo at 4.5 years old. I hope we will still be able to see it.

  22. We had 2 of iur daughters photos taken, and a second tile with a message to them taken when the wall was originally going up. They were in perfect sight, first wall, eye level. We have visited them many times over the years. Even our grandchildren have seen them, making them a true legacy.

  23. My husband and I were married at WDW in 2001, and our Legacy photo shows us wearing our wedding Ears. We also received a card with a copy of the picture. It was part of our Fairytale Wedding package. Are they just moving the pictures to a wall somewhere outside the park? And will they stay outside Epcot??

  24. My wife and I are one of the thousands that had our picture taken for that. Epcot being our favorite park , we thought we would be there forever, so our future generations would get to see us. It has been devastating to see this. The only hope of survival is this comment that you have in this article, about the relocation of the pictures. I would not expect anything less from Disney. Please let us know if the pics will truly be relocated somewhere. Thank you!

  25. My daughter and I have our picture on the East side. We had it done in September of 2002. One year after 9/11! I will miss visiting it and hope I can find it after the move!! It meant a lot to us to have it there!!

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