RUMOR: The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Set to Become “The Incredibles Steakhouse”

As happened just ahead of the last D23 Expo in 2017, what seem like wild and wacky rumors are emerging concerning the future of the Disney Parks under Bob Chapek. As you may recall, many of what we thought to be zany ideas were, in fact, announced and confirmed at the last Expo, including the closure of The Great Movie Ride. In this age of Pixar Pier, Toy Story Land, and shoving Mickey’s Philharmagic into seemingly random theaters, maybe we shouldn’t deem anything as too far-fetched…

It is no secret that a mandate was made to those in Walt Disney Imagineering and management at the Parks and Resorts that the goal is now to “leverage IPs” wherever and whenever possible. For those unaware with the terminology, this means utilize Disney intellectual properties in almost every project, or shove those properties into existing places where none are present, regardless of how well they fit thematically. This is why we lost many attractions not based around Disney franchises in recent years, such as the Universe of Energy, California Screamin’, and The Great Movie Ride, and will also lose IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth this Fall in favor of a show chock-full of music from Disney films that has nothing to do with Epcot.

The latest chapter is now unfolding, with even resort restaurants not spared from these changes.

According to internal sources, The Wave of American Flavors on the first floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort will be converted into “The Incredibles Steakhouse”. As you might guess, the restaurant would be rethemed to represent the Disney-Pixar Incredibles films, while also becoming a steakhouse at the same time. It almost sounds more ridiculous than bulldozing two Future World pavilions, right?

As for a timeframe, if all goes according to plans (and feedback on this post doesn’t convince them to alter course), The Incredibles Steakhouse will replace The Wave at some point within the next year. Now, in the words of Frozone, “WHERE’S MY SUPERSTEAK?”

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  1. SMH I’ll be honest if they change too many places IP’s it’s going to be overkill. The best part of Disney in my opinion are the non IP restaurants and rides. We love the Wave and sadly an Incredibles theme is so not attractive that will be one less place on our list to eat now!

    1. The Wave is a hidden gem. The food is fantastic.
      The atmosphere was intimate. If I want a great steak I’ll head over to the Yatchmen Steakhouse

    2. I agree. Part of what made Disney timeless was Walt’s policy of no more than one attraction dedicated to a movie. Nothing was in your face, which made each theme based ride special. Disney was unique and different from amusement parks because of this policy. There was science based learning at Epcot, movie themed information at Hollywood studies (originally MGM). I miss the drawing class that once existed at Hollywood Studios. Honestly, each change chips away more and more at my love for disney. Soon it will turn into a glorified Six Flags, at which point it will not longer be worth going. We have been going every year for the past 15 years. Great movie ride will be surely missed. The Wave, was also a favorite – always good food and the prices weren’t that bad for Disney. What is next? Captain Mickey at the Yatchmen?

  2. Noooooooo! I actually ventured to the Wave for the first time in the past year and fell in love with its amazing, dare I say it, Incredible breakfast buffet. Now I am a regular. Ok, not a regular since I don’t live at Disney, but close.

  3. I mean, if they went with a retro 50’s glam that the movies are based off, I think it’d be great! But it’s most likely be a mediocre themed meet and greet.

  4. If this indeed happens, they’d BETTER have a supersteak….and it better be good. Well….super. As long as they keep some good things on the menu (which seems to be different every time I’m there but that’s only 3 times thus far anyway), I won’t mind the change if it’s done in good taste.

  5. Surely there’s many other places that could host an Incredibles experience that’s in a park, obviously Hollywood Studios.

    The Wave is a fantasic place to eat as it is – it certainly doesn’t NEED an IP led experience. In fact, the lobby of the Contemporary really does not lend itself well to being part of an IP or even close to one.

    Not buying it, don’t even want to!

  6. That would be a real shame. Don’t get me wrong I love the Incredibles but The Wave is such a great restaurant as it is. It has great food and a nice calming atmosphere as well as a wonderful breakfast buffet. I love character meals but sometimes you just want to enjoy a quiet meal at a nice restaurant that doesn’t break the budget.

  7. I’m not a long-time Disney Park fan, I only began really getting into the parks in 2016. I’m in my forties with two kids and although the “nostalgic” non-IP rides and attractions are nice, lets face it, Epcot is showing its age (and lack of TLC) in a number of different areas. People pay thousands of dollars to come to WDW and Livin’ on the Land is a key attraction? The Living Seas Aquarium is second-rate compared to nearly any other stand-alone aquarium you might visit, and the Wave is like Artist Point- a restaurant that serves good food but isn’t maximizing its potential. Yes the Wave is a good restaurant, but if people aren’t dining there, WDW is going to figure out a way to fill the seats. I loved what they did with the new character dining at Artist Point and would expect much of the same at the Contemporary. Until WDW completing messes up its integration of IP into traditionally non-IP areas, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  8. It’s no secret that The Wave has been a relatively underperforming restaurant, despite how good the food and service are. I could see them doing something similar to Storybook Dining at Artist Point, another historically underperforming restaurant, with some sort of prix fixe menu. I truly hope it doesn’t go in that direction, because the options are so limited and expensive. But Disney seems all about using their IPs to price-gouge guests. I will be truly sorry if this happens to The Wave.

  9. I think if you are going to put an IP in the wave then TRON would be a good fit. It can tie in with the launch of the new coaster, the walkway to the restaurant can be like going into “The Grid” and you have the perfect dark space to put in TRON lighting effects and make it all neon blue / orange. Kind of like Animator’s Palette on the DCL but TRON.

  10. Why don’t they just build a food themed park? The sections could be Beef Land, Pork Land, Poultry Land, and Dessert Land. Every guest could be required to use a scooter so they can eat while they’re waiting in line. Sort of like a permanent food and wine festival. That seems to be what people want so just put it all in one place.

  11. My wife and I absolutely LOVE the Wave. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is awesome too. It will be very disappointing if The Wave becomes the Incredibles Steakhouse. With every stupid idea Disney comes up with makes me want to sell my DVC more and more. Universal Studios Orlando is becoming a much better option

  12. The wave has great food. Keep the character dining on the 4th floor. We are regulars at the Contemporary and eat at the Wave at least twice per stay, the food is amazing. Save the Wave!

  13. I will be so disappointed of Disney does this. As a DVC member my family goes to Disney often and we find ourselves enjoying “resort hopping” more than parks these days. The Wave is a great restaurant that we all love and we enjoy the relaxing atmosphere more than another character meal!

  14. Is Contemporary changing THE WAVE RESTAURANT. Enough already with kiddie restaurants. They screwed up Wilderness Lodge with kidding Snow White. Where are adults supposed to eat.

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