REVIEW: Indiana Jones and The Temple of Bacon Arrives at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs

For nearly three thousand years, man has been searching for the lost Ark. It’s not something to be taken lightly. No one knows its secrets. It’s like nothing you’ve ever gone after before… and this newest dessert at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar in Disney Springs is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before…

Once we saw this creation on social media, it was time we asked ourselves… what do we believe in? And I guess the answer lies deep within the Temple… of Bacon.

The dessert features thick-cut applewood smoked bacon dipped in Ganachery milk chocolate and a chipotle ganache. Yes, that’s $13.00 for bacon. I have a bad feeling about this…

As you saw in the video, the bacon is ominously presented on a heavy stone slab, with a glass dome over it holding in billows of smoke. You can see the strips of bacon in there, standing on top of pedestals of chocolate.

It’s worth noting here that the presentation definitely fits the restaurant’s themeing, even more so than anything since the first menu.

You lift the glass dome and all the smoke billows out after having infused the bacon and chocolate coating. Upon closer inspection, there’s actually even more bacon bits and cayenne sprinkles wedged into the chocolate drizzle. You call this archaeology? We call this a heart attack.

Surprisingly, the smokey flavor mixed really well with the rich milk chocolate, but we still think they should’ve used a different chocolate here, perhaps a dark chocolate would’ve paired better with all the strong flavors going on.

Overall, it’s certainly good, and different. Compared to the Aladdin flatbreads, this feels special, and the fact that they used chocolate from The Ganachery adds a nice level of synergy, like all of Disney Springs came together to bring us this ridiculous, over-the-top dessert. Also, the Ganachery never lets us down as far as quality goes.

Ordering one of these would mean you have chosen… wisely.

Pair this with a bourbon or whiskey cocktail to elevate the experience to epic proportions. Besides, this is no time for counting calories, Dr. Jones.