REVIEW: New Grilled Shrimp Skewer from Columbia Harbour House at the Magic Kingdom

Greetings from Columbia Harbour House at the Magic Kingdom! It’s lunch time, and we heard a tempting new meal has made its way onto the menu. The Grilled Shrimp Skewer sounds like something we could really sink our teeth into, so let’s give it a go!

For $13.99, the grilled shrimp skewer meal is served with vegetable rice and green beans with carrots. It looks like a nice portion for the money!

The grilled shrimp skewer looks pretty impressive when served over a bed of rice and vegetables. The shrimp are all decent-sized, and there’s quite a few pieces for your money. There were 9 pieces of shrimp and a lemon wedge served on the skewer. The shrimp were covered in what appears to be a garlic-parmesan type of sauce. It smells really good!

The lemon wedge looks suspiciously old and shriveled up, but the rest of the meal looks good so far.

Shrimp, green beans, and rice

The shrimp had a nice, flavorful taste. It was surprising how good these actually were! The shrimp were served perfectly and the seasoning really brought the taste to another level. For a quick service meal, the shrimp was surprisingly good.

shrimp on a fork

My biggest complaint is the fact that this is advertised as “green beans with carrots” rather than “green beans with an accidental carrot shred here and there”. Oh, and the green beans were really disappointing. Thankfully, the seasonings from the shrimp skewer added some flavor in the rice.

green beans with a shredded carrot

Overall, the meal was good, but the sides just didn’t live up to the main course. If the sides were substituted, I would definitely order the shrimp skewer again. If you’re looking for a more unique meal for your quick service dining experience, set sail for Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square and give the grilled shrimp skewer a try!