REVIEW: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Adds Garlic Parmesan Wings, Changes Pizza, and Still Remains The Worst Restaurant at Disney World


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REVIEW: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Adds Garlic Parmesan Wings, Changes Pizza, and Still Remains The Worst Restaurant at Disney World


Updated on:

REVIEW: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Adds Garlic Parmesan Wings, Changes Pizza, and Still Remains The Worst Restaurant at Disney World

Italy is home to a vast blend of culture, landscape, and cuisine.

Orlando, Florida is a home to themed entertainment, highway traffic, and what could possibly be the worst Italian restaurant in the entire world.

If you’re looking for a positive review about a highly-recommend restaurant inside Walt Disney World, you came to the wrong site. Perhaps take a look at some of my more pleasant dining experiences, such as Yacht Club’s Ale & Compass, or Boatwright’s Dining Hall at Port Orleans – Riverside.

In 1989, Tony’s Town Square Cafe replaced the original Town Square Cafe that opened with the Magic Kingdom and has been delivering pure disappointment ever since. Yesterday, I headed out to the restaurant that causes me so much pain to, yet again, try some new menu items, as well as extend my false hopes that someday this restaurant will be worth a visit. Let’s take a look.

Photo May 23 12 06 02 AM

Photo May 23 12 06 42 AM

The cheap, very used and worn paper menus list beverages and wines on one side and entrees on the other.

Photo May 23 12 06 38 AM

Bread With Olive Oil – Complimentary

Photo May 23 12 29 40 AM

Here’s the one single positive part of this review. The bread was actually delicious. Served with a side of olive oil, the crust was salted with sea salt and came fairly warm. It was doughy, fresh, and the small bowl of oil made it easy to apply to your liking. A really great way to get our hopes up before everything else got to the table.

Photo May 23 12 30 02 AM

Photo May 23 12 30 44 AM

Photo May 23 12 30 27 AM

Garlic-Parmesan Wings – $11.00

Photo May 23 12 37 11 AM

Next up was one of the all-new menu items that recently debuted at Tony’s: Garlic-Parmesan Wings. We’ve actually had these wings before, as you can get them at Sam’s Club for approximately $1.79 per pound. Never in my life have I tasted such flavorless, lukewarm, pizza-shack wings that come at such a high price. $11 for five of these wings is simply criminal.

Photo May 23 12 35 46 AM

See the sauce that’s on the left side of this picture? That’s not expired ranch, it’s Italian dressing. Like, the kind you put on a salad. I dipped one of my wings in the dressing for scientific purposes and immediately became embarrassed that I even tried it. It reminded me of my middle school lunch days when my friends would triple-dog-dare me to eat the disgusting food cocktail they came up with.

Photo May 23 12 36 36 AM

Needless to say, the Italian dressing mixed with the wings was just gross. Without it, however, the wings were dry and flavorless, so you really have to choose which route you’d rather go with this appetizer.

Photo May 23 12 35 58 AM

The wings are also served with a small side of peeled celery, which I didn’t think made much sense seeing that the wings weren’t hot or spicy at all.

Photo May 23 12 36 24 AM

Tony’s Pizza Pie – $21.00

Photo May 23 12 52 32 AM

After our appetizer and initial stomach aches, our entrees came promptly. We’ve had Tony’s Pizza Pie before, but it had been a while, so we decided to give it another try.

Photo May 23 12 52 51 AM

We went with half pepperoni and half garden veggie so we could try a little of each. There is also a sausage option, which we decided to skip for our own good.

Photo May 23 12 53 01 AM

The best way to describe this pizza is if an alien were to visit earth, and an average human was to tell the alien what a pizza is and how to bake one, and then the alien attempted such, this would be the outcome. This pie makes the Cici’s on International Drive look like a five-star establishment.

Photo May 23 12 53 25 AM

The cheese on the pizza was almost solid as if it had been sitting under no heat for quite a while. The crust was grainy and doughy as if it hadn’t been baked properly. Neither the garden veggies or the pepperoni were fresh nor warm. The crust tasted like, and kind of looks like, cardboard. I’ve had better pizza at Chuck-E-Cheese. (They don’t call me “the boy” for nothin’.)

Italian Trio – $32.00

Photo May 23 12 54 06 AM

Ah yes, the signature dish here at Tony’s Town Square: The Italian Trio. Made up of Chicken Parmigiana, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Spaghetti with pork-beef meatball.

Photo May 23 12 54 11 AM

The Fettuccini Alfredo was arguably the best element of the dish, so let’s start there. While it was served almost cold, the flavor of the sauce was actually quite present which helped to cover up the chewiness of the noodles.

Photo May 23 12 54 15 AM

Next up is the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Somewhere under all that sauce is a meatball. The noodles that were served with the spaghetti and meatballs were extremely fine. When you ate a forkful of noodles, they seemed to form a sort of paste immediately after chewing, which gave the effect of eating glue. The meatball was surprisingly warm and easy to cut into, however, the taste was almost artificial and, dare I say, chemical tasting. Any meat whatsoever was extremely difficult to point out, even though that’s literally all it was made up of. The red sauce on top (which was likely just Ragu) helped to ease the pain of eating this element of the dish, however it certainly wasn’t able to make it enjoyable all on its own.

Photo May 23 12 54 22 AM

The final element was the Chicken Parmigiana. The flavor of this chicken was intense, to say the least. Each and every bite was absolutely packed with a sharp citrus garlic taste, followed by a chewy piece of chicken breast. The cheese here was also not fresh, and the red sauce once again was unable to save the day. The chicken breast was slightly less dry than the wings were, crispy and easy to cut into, however, my mouth was left tasting of garlic for the remainder of the meal which was extremely off-putting.

Photo May 23 12 54 58 AM

Photo May 23 12 55 01 AM

Photo May 23 12 55 36 AM

We added some more parmesan to the entire dish because who cares anymore? While it didn’t improve any flavor or quality of the dish, it did improve the presentation… slightly.

Overall, just do yourself a favor and don’t do it. I don’t think there’s a single thing on the menu that we enjoy, and the mediocre wait staff, theming, and awful food makes up for an extremely disappointing and unenjoyable meal. I remain hopeful that Tony’s Town Square, which has such a wonderful location on Main Street, U.S.A., will one day get it together and be successful, but today was certainly not that day.

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Adds Garlic Parmesan Wings, Changes Pizza, and Still Remains The Worst Restaurant at Disney World”

  1. But didn’t you get special parade viewing because you ate at Tony’s??

    If you got to watch the parade from the center island in Town Square it would make it all worth while as all the peasants who are not permitted on the center island must crowd cluster on the outside, while you can have all kinds of space around you.

    Just seeing the little children who cannot see because they are behind many others in front of them in the commoners area, should make your experience special, and all because you ate at Tony’s…

    Even better when some common folk try to come onto the center island and get chased away by a Cast Member protecting your exclusive status!

    It is not all about the food you found unenjoyable.

    • No…a RESTAURANT is about food first. Under Iger the quality of the food and customer service and cleanliness at Walt Disney World has fallen to a disgraceful level. To charge the prices they are charging they should provide quality food that is made well.

      They do not.

  2. Great review of a horrible restaurant! Thank you for sacrificing your own health and well-being for sampling it again. Cameron, I know for a fact some of the pasta served on property comes in pre-cooked! I swear. The offer is there if y’all want any help with the Cooking with Nick segment on the 13th, it would be a pleasure to come assist recreating the original Tony’s sauce.

    • We have a reservation there for our first dinner next week. I’ve always wanted to try it. Is it really something I should not even give one shot at? I don’t want to waste money! Thanks!!!!

      • Don’t know if this helps, but my family loves it there. My daughter loves it so much she asked to have her graduation dinner there last weekend. The steak is our favorite but everyone at the table loved the food.

  3. Funny , but Disney understands very well the crowd their dealing with who would “also”spend $200 bucks on a “stick that lights up” . (More surprises to come.) #LOL 🍝🚀

  4. Wow.
    “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”
    Thanks for the warning…I mean, heads up.
    I think I’ll stick with the Salmon at the Harbor House.

  5. That pizza is honestly hilarious and so is your description. Whole olives?? Halved cherry tomatoes? Like seven slices of pepperoni in that one crease? Who did this???

  6. We ate there last year, and it was the worst meal we’ve ever had on Disney property. My spaghetti was undercooked. It tasted like it was homemade pasta that was just not cooked enough. It literally tasted raw. I complained about the pasta, and they brought me another plate of it. It was exactly the same. It was barely warm, and the meatball was awful. My daughters kids pasta was also undercooked and not tasty at all. My wife got the trio plate, and all of her food was luke warm and barely edible. The wait staff there was not attentive at all. I really don’t understand this. There are so many decent restaurants on property. I don’t know how Disney can be pleased with the product they put out at this place.

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