PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 7/18/19 (Pathway Widening and TRON Construction Updates, Astro Orbiter Still Closed, ETC.)

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome!” Walt Disney opened his dedication of Disneyland with that classic line, and it’s fitting that it kicks off this photo report from Magic Kingdom during Disneyland’s 64th Anniversary.

Cinderella Castle

magic kingdom

Tomorrowland bridge

Heading into Tomorrowland still feels incredibly empty without the marquee to walk underneath. I’ll miss the old design, but Disney might have leaked the possible new art for the new sign on the My Disney Experience app already. It’s a much more simple design on there now, but I guess we will find out later this summer when the new marquee gets installed.

tomorrowland bridge

astro orbiter

Riding the PeopleMover is always one of my favorite parts of my Magic Kingdom days, and it really is an advantageous spot for plenty of views around Tomorrowland. It’s the best spot for a peek at the Astro Orbiter, which was closed for a 7th consecutive day in a row for unscheduled maintenance. It’s looking right now that it will remain closed until at least August 14th.

tron construction

The main attraction on the PeopleMover, however, is the TRON Lightcycle Run construction view. That pile of dirt that’s close to the Speedway track has definitely grown over the past few weeks, most eclipsing the view from the Speedway, but you can’t hide it from the elevated view of the PeopleMover. There has been a bit more progress on those beams to the right hand side of the photo, with the tallest ones looking to be newly installed.

tron construction

castle couture

The wall around the old Castle Couture store, now the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique location, is still holding strong. It feels like this work has been going on forever, so I feel like I’ll be genuinely shocked the day I walk into Fantasyland and see it all complete.

Donald wafer

Somewhere, someone is very upset that they wasted an entire dollar on that Donald wafer for it to just end up on the Magic Kingdom pavement.

pathway widening project

pathway widening project

Checking in on the pathway widening project progress (say that five times fast) and it seems like it’s still moving along. They’ve knocked out what looks like the remaining bit of the old pathway concrete, which hopefully means they’re preparing to start laying new concrete. The wall along the edge looks to be almost complete, with the decorative brick pattern mostly finished.

pathway widening project

That’s all for my day around Magic Kingdom! Keep checking WDWNT for the latest updates, and we’ll see ya real soon!