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PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 7/27/19 (Rare Characters, Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer Merch, Lots of Construction, and More!)

At last, the rainy season is over in Tokyo! That means blue skies, hot, humid days, and an excellent excuse to come to Tokyo Disneyland! Especially since crowds are still over at Tokyo DisneySea to experience Soaring: Fantastic Flight (as we did earlier this week, which you can take a peek at here). So, let’s check in!

Outside of the Park

PR72319 1

Coming in on the JR Keiyo Line, we can see the progress that has been made on the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel repaint project. They’ve temporarily halted it for the summer, but you can clearly see where the paint has been touched up, and it looks brand new!

PR72319 2

I love the cute ads like this. Every single ad in Maihama Station is controlled by the Oriental Land Company, incidentally. From the second you step off the train, it’s all Disney!

PR72319 3

On the way to Tokyo Disneyland from Maihama Station, the incredible Bon Voyage store sells merchandise from both parks! And today, they had carts like this outside some of the entrances to display merchandise designed to cool the heat. There were also a few headbands and other impulse-buy items out.

PR72319 4

The main entrance construction is coming along nicely. Almost all of the old concrete is out, and you can barely tell what was there just under three months ago! I’m very excited for this to open in Spring 2020.

PR72319 5

It’ll look pretty much like this when it all opens. This definitely feels more magical than the old 1983 entrance. The new turnstiles even have facial recognition for Annual Passholders!

Inside the Park

PR72319 6

These scrims have been up in front of the Grand Emporium for about a month now. We’ve essentially got our own Project Stardust unofficially going in preparation for the Olympics next year.

PR72319 7

We’re in the midst of Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer here at Tokyo Disneyland! This special event features two castle shows (one during the day, one at night) that get guests absolutely soaked in water, as well as cute food and merchandise!

PR72319 8

The marching band is alive and well here in Tokyo! This morning, they were playing hits like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” and “Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land” for a large crowd of guests.

PR72319 9
PR72319 10

I love seeing obscure characters like the Big Bad Wolf in person. We love our classic characters here, and even deep cuts such as the Three Little Pigs and the Aristocats still make appearances in both Dreaming Up! and Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights.

PR72319 11

Throughout the park, special misting machines have been installed to keep Guests cool in the humid Tokyo summers.

PR72319 12

We may not have a full New Orleans Square out here, but there’s a lovely mini-New Orleans Square part of Adventureland, just past Pirates of the Caribbean.

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PR72319 13

Speaking of things that are alive and well, it’s the time of year when Country Bear Theater in Westernland plays host to the Country Bear Vacation Jamboree! This show was a staple of the old Jamboree at Disneyland, and in the 1980s at Walt DIsney World! Seeing it today really makes you realize the potential of the Jamboree out in Florida.

PR72319 14
PR72319 15

The summer-long refurbs on Rivers of America and Splash Mountain are chugging along on time. They’re all set to reopen on September 4th, and I can’t wait! With the heat and humidity, I’m already ready for a trip down into the Laughin’ Place.

PR72319 16

The construction on the Fantasyland expansion is coming along nicely as well. More parts of Belle’s village continue to have their scrims and scaffolding removed, and it won’t be too long before the castle itself is revealed. This expansion is set to open in Spring 2020 and will definitely bring new life to the park! Are you excited? I sure am!

PR72319 17

Over in Toontown, Gadget’s Go Coaster recently came out of a two-month refurbishment. They did some excellent paint work while it was under, and it looks brand new.

PR72319 18

Speaking of Toontown, it was a typical Friday morning, in terms of crowds. Roger Rabbit was at around 35 minutes this morning, and every nook and cranny was filled with guests taking pictures with the adorable decor!

PR72319 19

Even in Tomorrowland, we can’t escape the Stardust-esque construction. Over by Treasure Comet, this pavement resurfacing project just went up a couple of days ago and will probably last two or three weeks. This truly is a bit of a transition time for these parks as they prepare for the mass tourist influx that will come with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!


PR72319 20
PR72319 21

Over at Pooh Corner in Fantasyland, there’s all manner of Winnie-the-Pooh-themed merchandise. One of the top sellers is the Tigger shirt in the second picture, very commonly seen here. A good amount of the stationery in the first picture sells well as gifts for friends or colleagues from your visit! If you can think of a way to merchandise it, it likely is sold at Tokyo Disney Resort.

PR72319 22

Over at Grand Emporium, the Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer merchandise is still all over the center areas of the store. These adorable stuffed badges sell for around ¥1800, or $16.50, and the fans here go crazy for them (including yours truly.) I keep the current Mickey one attached to my backpack at all times.

PR72319 23

Would it really be an event at Tokyo Disney Resort without crazy t-shirts to match? All of these retail for around ¥2600, or about $24. I’m partial to the neon black one in the middle (and in fact own one.) I particularly love the contrasting colors!

PR72319 25
PR72319 26

This travel tumbler was just released yesterday, and is designed to look just like the coffee cups served at the resort’s counter service restaurants. It’s part of a line of this style (there’s also a plate and a regular plastic cup), and it retails for ¥1600, or about $14.50. I’m tempted, but I don’t think I drink enough coffee.

That’s all from Tokyo Disneyland! Stay tuned to WDWNT for up-to-date coverage on Disney Parks around the world, and we’ll see you soon with another update!

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