PHOTOS: Former Great Movie Ride Show Building Being Painted Grey Ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening

With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening in Hollywood Studios at the end of the Summer, work is proceeding to make sure that guests don’t see any part of the outside world while visiting the faraway planet of Batuu. To those ends, workers recently started the process of painting the back side of the show building for the former Great Movie Ride (soon to be Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway) a neutral shade of grey.

You can still see the building from the end of Grand Avenue, just to the right of where the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge will be.

The old billboards were removed within the last couple weeks.

This picture from January shows the terribly faded state of some of the billboards before they took them down.

From the balcony at PizzeRizzo we could see workers painting the building by hand.

I think Disney is hoping that any building we can inadvertently see from inside Galaxy’s Edge will seem to just fade into the sky. This specific shade of grey works well against both blue and overcast skies.

This falls right in line with what they’ve been doing to other nearby buildings, such as the Muppet*Vision 3D show building which got the same paint scheme back in March.

This is another side of the Muppets building which was also painted grey more recently.

They’re going for full immersion in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and from what we’ve seen at version in Disneyland Park, they will probably succeed despite hastily painted grey walls. Galaxy’s Edge is slated to open here on the East coast August 29th, but Annual Passholder previews should start sometime before that.

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1 year ago

Just add more trees and tree canopies.