PHOTOS: Disney’s Riviera Resort 7/16/19 Construction Update (Pool Slide Construction, Colorful Awnings, and Skyliner Station Landscaping)

With last week’s grand opening of Disney’s Gran Destino Tower, all eyes are now on Disney’s Riviera Resort, which is set to open in December. Earlier this week, Disney shared some all-new concept art for the new DVC resort. Construction is coming along full speed as we’ve noticed some big changes since our last construction update. Let’s check it out.

Skyliner Station

We start at the Skyliner station, where things are looking a lot more green. some grass has been added to the area where the gondolas come in and out, and some other greenery has been put into place.


Over to the right, some new trees are planted and some more dirt patches look ready to be covered in grass.

A new wrought-iron gate has also been installed on the main entrance to the station.

This large tunnel is the closest entrance to Riviera from the Skyliner station. It will essentially connect the two.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Over on the tower, some new pieces have been added to the very top level railing. They are currently covered.

Some construction equipment was also spotted on the balcony of one of the rooms.

Glass windows are now in place pretty much all over the resort structure.

Here’s a better look at the new pillar pieces that are installed on the top level.

The pool slide now has a ton of rockwork and the slide is starting to look incredibly detailed.

There are also many new trees lining the area around the pool and a gate spanning the entire area.

Towards the center outdoor area of the tower, even more palm trees are in place, as well as some brick structures around the area.

This kiosk-shaped structure can also be seen close to the center area.

The resort is decorated with multicolored awnings and window accents. The side closest to the Skyliner station is red and blue.

Some new progress at the base of the tower. This still has a ways to go before completion.

The main lobby entrance is still under scaffolding also.

The pool side of the tower features a big blue awning with green window shutters at the highest level.

Finally, the middle part of the tower has orange awnings with blue window shutters.

The resort is coming together beautifully! I can still remember when Gran Destino looked this way. We’re just as excited to watch this resort come together, and as always, we’ll continue providing you the latest construction updates ahead of the resort’s projected opening date this December!