PHOTOS: Security Checkpoint Expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Construction Update 7/25/19

Welcome back! Our last Hollywood Studios security checkpoint expansion update brought you a look at the latest scaffolding and progress around the phase 2 expansion site to the Hollywood Studios entrance area. This expansion will greatly help with Galaxy’s Edge crowds and entrance procedures as we near closer to the grand opening of Star Wars Galaxys Edge. Let’s take a look!

As you can see, most of the scaffolding is now down around the area and painting has begun. You can see that a small strip of paint has crept over just a little further.

The poles holding the structure up are still wrapped while the rest of it gets painted, however, it appears as though construction on this side of the checkpoint is complete.

On the opposite side, facing the lake, one block of the checkpoint has completed painting, and the rest remain untouched for now.

Here’s a wider angle view of the whole checkpoint. Here you can see how much of the structure is yet to be painted.

Over toward the end, where it curves, there is still some final work happening and scaffolding is still in place.

While it looks as though this portion of the expansion is just as near completion as the rest of it, there were still plenty of contractors working in this area.

The completed structure will double the capacity of security checkpoints and allow for a much smoother entry experience into the park.

Finally, over in the current security checkpoint, we noticed some brand new tables which will be used for bag checks. These are permanent tables and also feature drawers for security to store equipment in.

It seems as though the phase two entrance expansion will be ready to open in the coming weeks, especially before Galaxy’s Edge opens to the public. Stay tuned to as we continue bringing you the latest updates on this project!