PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Loungefly Pixar Luxo Ball Backpack Bounces Into Hollywood Studios

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Our love for Pixar has been recaptured by the release of Toy Story 4 this summer and we couldn’t think of a better way to show off our love for one of our favorite toys than with this brand new Disney Parks exclusive Luxo Ball backpack from Loungefly!

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse – $90.00

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

We spotted this sleek black backpack, covered in tiny Luxo balls at Sunset Club Couture at Hollywood Studios, right next to all the other cool Loungefly accessories.

The back of the backpack continues on with the fun, bouncing pattern and features adjustable straps to make sure that your backpack doesn’t bounce off of you either.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

The inside is stuffed full of tissue paper to show you just how well you can fill these small bags with all your park day essentials.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

There’s also a small zippered pocket on the inside, and is lined with black with red stars, just like the red star on the middle of the Luxo Ball itself. It’s still a cute and simple pattern on the inside that ties in with the one on the outside of the bag.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

The cool thing about this backpack though is that it comes with a Luxo Ball coin purse! You don’t have to pay separately for this coin purse, like other Loungefly wallets, as this one is included and fits perfectly right inside the front pocket.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

Although it’s smaller than your typical wallets that Loungefly puts out, it fits thematically for this line of products, and looks cute popping up out of the front pouch.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

The chain it’s attached to is quite long as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing it should it come out of the front pocket. Though as mentioned before, you can remove it and keep it secure in the main zipper pocket as well.

Luxo Ball Loungefly Backpack and Coin Purse

The inside lining of this coin purse is the same as in the backpack, continuing on with the same theme. This can be great for not only holding your loose change, but maybe your earbuds, trading pins or pressed pennies!

What do you think of this brand new Loungefly backpack? We think it’ll look great for Disney bounding as your favorite Pixar characters. If you’re looking for more Toy Story specific Loungefly bags, don’t miss out on the Buzz and Woody character designs or the Toy Story 4 themed bags as well. You might even spot one specifically for Billy, Goat and Gruff!

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