PHOTOS: Spooky “Boo!” Parade, Merchandise, and Specialty Foods Revealed for “Disney Halloween” 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: Spooky “Boo!” Parade, Merchandise, and Specialty Foods Revealed for “Disney Halloween” 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: Spooky “Boo!” Parade, Merchandise, and Specialty Foods Revealed for “Disney Halloween” 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland

It’s summertime, and that means Halloween is on the horizon at Tokyo Disneyland! A couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news of this year’s plans for the Magic Kingdom’s Halloween festivities (which you can read more about here), and now we’ve received more details about this year’s plans for Tokyo Disneyland’s spooky “Disney Halloween” event, running from September 10th to October 31st!


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This year will feature the return of the incredibly popular Spooky “Boo!” Parade! In this parade of Halloween chills and thrills, the ghosts have invited the Disney friends to enjoy a ghostly version of Tokyo Disneyland. The Disney Friends will make their appearance on floats inspired by the various attractions and themed lands, but with an eerie transformation. For example, there’s a Western River Railroad locomotive operated by a skeleton, as well as jack-o’-lanterns featuring the ghosts. As everyone begins to have fun in the ghost-version Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney friends undergo a spooky transformation, costumes and all (including brand new outfits for Mickey and Minnie)! The ghosts are dying to welcome their new friends together with new “ghost” dancers and have a “spooktacular” celebration!

In addition to Spooky “Boo!” Parade, the Tokyo Disneyland Band and other forms of atmospheric entertainment will take on an eerie form for the Halloween celebrations. The special nighttime fireworks show, Night High Halloween, will also make a return this year every night! (Weather permitting)


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All over Tokyo Disneyland, silly and spooky decor will be in place! In the plaza just before Cinderella Castle, Guests can enjoy decorations depicting the Disney Friends joining the Halloween ghosts in their celebration!

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In addition, several spots around the park will feature the ghosts making mischief in just the right way for a picture or two.

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And at night, some of the decorations get even spookier! I can’t wait to spot all of the ghostly Halloween statues around the park!

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After dark, World Bazaar will be transformed through projections into a haunted street.


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About 60 different types of special merchandise will be available just for “Disney Halloween”, including those with motifs themed to Spooky “Boo!” Parade. Headbands, such as a ghostly bridal veil, as well as heart-shaped light-up pendants, can be worn to immerse yourself in the spirit. Other items include plush badges with a motif of the bear statue in front of Country Bear Theater, pouchettes with a jack-o’-lantern motif, and plush toys featuring a cute ghost element.

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Specialty Foods

About 15 types of menu items will be offered, including a few that come with a souvenir item to match the “ghost version of Tokyo Disneyland” theme. At Plaza Pavilion Restaurant, Guests can enjoy a meat patty topped with cheese featuring a motif of Jack Skellington from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. On offer for the first time will be a caramel-popcorn-flavored beverage that comes with a donut, adding to the fun of Halloween!

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Several other specialty snacks have been announced, such as a plate of assorted sweets, pumpkin cake, pumpkin ice cream, purple sweet potato tipo tortas, and a maple pumpkin churro, which I’m particularly excited to try!

The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare

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As is the annual tradition both here and at the Disneyland Resort, this year the Haunted Mansion will be transformed in to The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare, featuring Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas! This overlay will last from September 9, 2019 to January 5, 2020!


One of the special features of the Tokyo Disney Resort’s Halloween celebrations is the ability for Guests to come spend the day at the parks dressed like their favorite Disney characters! Every day from September 9 – October 31, Guests may come dressed as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, or Mickey and Minnie, or even C-3P0 and R2-D2 if you wish! A few restrictions apply, including that it must be a Disney character, you can not dress as a Cast Member, you can not wear excessive makeup, masks, or other items that may cover your face, they cannot have real or imitation knives or other weapons, and they must not be overly revealing. Guests are pretty creative here, and groups love to come dressed in matching outfits, so there’s sure to be some excellent costumes in the park this year!

“Disney Halloween” runs from September 10th to October 31st, 2019. As always, it’ll be an exciting time to visit Tokyo Disneyland! I can’t wait to see some tricks, eat some treats, and get some spooky merch! Are you excited? Let us know, and stay tuned to WDWNT for up-to-date coverage of Tokyo Disney Resort and other Disney properties worldwide!