PHOTOS: Seating Area Demolished at Liberty Square Market in the Magic Kingdom

If you were planning to grab a turkey leg or a pickle from the Liberty Square Market anytime soon, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to eat it, for now. While walking through Liberty Square last week, we noticed the entire seating area of Liberty Square Market had been closed off and was behind scrims. Our best bet for the space was that it was getting refurbished, but it turns out it’s a little more… intense than that.

Today, peering over the construction walls, we noticed that the entire space had actually been demolished.

Not only were the umbrellas, chairs, and tables removed, but bits of the ground have also been excavated into.

Even the windows lining Columbia Harbor House have been covered to hide the ongoing construction from the inside.

This definitely takes away some valuable real estate in Liberty Square. It was a pretty good sized outdoor seating area, with plenty of umbrellas and shade. It was also a large portion of the stroller parking area for The Haunted Mansion. They’re still using the area around the edges of the scrim for stroller parking, but you can see from the taped off area that there’s only room for one row of strollers, a far cry from the space that was previously here.

We’ll keep checking in on the space as it transforms into either a renewed seating area and/or an expanded guest area in the coming weeks.