REVIEW: Make Way for the New Moana POG Juice Cupcake at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

🎵 Make way, make way! Moana, it’s time you knew, this cupcake from All-Star Music is all you neeeed… 🎵

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort hasn’t always been this glam. They had some drab little cakes once, but they’ve since stepped up their game and have now brought us one of the best cupcakes we’ve had in a while. (“A while” being two weeks, which is when we tried the JAWS cupcake at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, which was also amazing.) Read on for our full review of this gorgeous cake!

Moana cupcake, we have crossed the horizon to find you.

We stumbled upon the cupcake at Disney’s All-Star Music’s main eatery, the Intermission Food Court.

Over in the bakery case, they have these labeled as “Character Icon” cupcakes for $5.99. They’re also a snack credit!

Despite not having a printed sugar piece or other obvious Moana signage, this cupcake manages to emulate the spirit of Motunui through vibrant burnt orange frosting and Moana’s very own heart of Te Fiti necklace, outlined by chocolate and white chocolate frosting florets with a white chocolate Heart of Te Fiti, and edible blue glitter sprinkled on top.

A ring of toasted coconut compliments the tropical flavors worked into the frosting. That’s right, the frosting is actually POG frosting, and it tastes just like the passion fruit, orange, and guava juice served at ‘Ohana, Boma, and a variety of other buffets. (Though not at All-Star Resorts, so this is actually the closest you can get to POG at a Value.)

The vanilla cake base is filled with pineapple curd. It has some pineapple pieces in it, and we enjoyed the varied textures between the moist cake, the gooey curd, pineapple chunks, and frosting.

Hands-down the best part of the cupcake is the frosting, as it was very citrusy and the guava flavor was really strong. If you’re a fan of POG juice, you definitely need to try this cake. If you’re a Moana fan, this is the perfect little homage to one of the fiercest Disney Princesses around. We can’t wait to come back for more of these cupcakes, and

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