REVIEW: New Jerk-Smoked Brisket Sandwich and Ropa Vieja Sail into Tortuga Tavern at the Magic Kingdom

If you happen to be traveling through Adventureland any time soon, you’ll find that Tortuga Tavern has updated their menu recently. Just in time for summer, this often-missed location has received some tasty new choices for the brave traveler. Jerk-Smoked Brisket Sandwich and Ropa Vieja now top the menu of this quiet little quick service location, found directly across from Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom. We hope you’re hungry!

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Magic Kingdom 2

New Tortuga Tavern Menu 2019 Summer

Jerk-Smoked Brisket Sandwich with Chips – $10.99

The Jerk-Smoked Brisket is cooked well and pulls apart nicely, but it’s a little fatty. The brisket is topped by a plentiful helping of pineapple-coconut slaw. It has a tropical taste, with the pineapple standing out the most. Unfortunately, the bread around the food is pretty stale. The bun actually ruins the meal, so this might be one you should remove the top and enjoy with a fork for the best experience.

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Magic Kingdom 3

Overall, the brisket has a strong, peppery taste to it, which compliments the cool flavors from the pineapple-coconut slaw. The coconut taste was undetectable, which isn’t a complaint, since the pineapple flavor is fantastic. Let’s hope they upgrade the bun sometime soon to bring the whole meal together.

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Magic Kingdom 5

The brisket sandwich is served with a side of house-made chili-lime chips that are absolutely amazing. They’re pretty addicting, and you may have a hard time putting them down. The lime flavor really stands out and gives these crispy chips a tart and zesty taste. So good!

Jerk-Smoked Brisket with House-Made Chili-Lime Chips

They were eaten a little too quickly. You almost didn’t get any photo of the chips alone. Forgive us. They’re just that good.

House-Made Chili-Lime Chips
Barely got a photo, it was so hard to stop eating these.

Ropa Vieja – $9.99

This Caribbean-style slow-cooked shredded beef is served over white rice in a little bowl. There’s a nice mix of vegetables, including onions, peppers, and olives, all served over a bed of fluffy white rice.

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Magic Kingdom 4

It smells amazing and tastes even better. It has a hearty, flavorful taste that might just catch you off guard. It’s not too spicy, but has a bit of a kick, similar to chili. This traditional Caribbean dish fits right in at Tortuga Tavern, and brings a unique meal option to guests visiting Adventureland. Although the portion is a little small, it’s surprisingly delicious.

Tortuga Tavern New Menu Magic Kingdom 1

Turkey legs, hot dogs, and rum cake all remain on the menu, but plantain chips with black bean salsa have replaced the black bean chips. You can also get a hot dog topped with your choice of jerk-smoked brisket or ropa vieja. (We suggest the ropa vieja.)

Tortuga Tavern Sign in Magic Kingdom

If you’re burned out on Casey’s Corner hot dogs (never) (Editor’s Note: …or are traveling with Hispanic family who loathes theme park food and you want to appease them with something familiar to eat) or just want something a little different, check out Tortuga Tavern for their new flavorful menu.