Simba cake

REVIEW: New Lion King Petit Cake Roars into Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs

Fans of The Lion King have been getting quite a lot of new food and merchandise lately. With the new movie premiering soon, and the 25th anniversary of the animated classic, there have been many ways to celebrate The Lion King. We’ve seen a lot of new themed food and beverage offerings, but not many of them can compare to the adorable Lion King Petit Cake from Amorette’s Patisserie. This dessert is the main event right now, so we’ve got to try it. Oh, I just can’t wait to eat cake!

Simba Lion King Petit Cake Sign

Young Simba with leaf mane

For a limited time, this cake is available for $16 at Disney Springs. The cake consists of vanilla and chocolate chiffon cakes, with amarula mousse, pineapple jam, and chocolate covered potato chips.

Description of the cake

Simba cake

Look at how cute this little face is! Simba’s face is an edible image backed by a red leaf mane of fondant. Fondant tail, lady bug, and paw prints decorate the cake. The tip of the tail seems to be a chocolate flavored fondant, which was pretty good.

Yellow cake with Simba face, red leaves, fondant tail and paw prints

Don’t forget to remove the ribbon along the bottom of the cake for easier cutting.

Ribbon around the bottom of the cake with fondant lady bug

Inside, you can easily distinguish the chocolate and vanilla layers as well as the layer of amarula mousse. Close to the top, there is a very thin, layer of pineapple jam. It’s really hard to find the chocolate covered potato chips, but they’re in the middle layer.

Layers of cake

The layer of pineapple jam is so thin, it’s almost undetectable. The flavor is masked by the cake. Thankfully, the layer of amarula mousse gave the cake a much needed creamy texture between the layers. The taste isn’t very strong, though. We expected the chips to give the cake a crunchy layer, but got a chewy layer instead. The chocolate taste is nice, but unfortunately the chips are soggy.

A piece of cake

Overall, this tastes like your basic vanilla and chocolate cake, despite the interesting added layers. It’s delicious, so don’t let the thought of chocolate covered potato chips scare you away. Will you be trying this petit cake?