REVIEW: New Main “Street Dog” at the Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park


REVIEW: New Main “Street Dog” at the Refreshment Corner in Disneyland Park

Last month, we had the Elote Dog. This month, the Refreshment Corner is offering the Main “Street Dog”. This giant hot dog is topped with bacon, avocado mayo, and sauteed peppers and onions.

Refreshment Corner DL

Main Street Dog Sign

Disneyland Main Street Dog 07

Main “Street Dog” – $11.49

As with last month, this seems to be the normal Refreshment Corner hot dog topped with whatever flavor profile the menu development team deemed worthy. Sadly, this was not as amazing as the Elote Dog.

Disneyland Main Street Dog 04

The actual hot dog is pleasant. It has flavor and a good snap to it. The bacon was also well-cooked, however for those looking for any bacon flavor, you’ll need to completely remove it and eat it separately as it gets buried in the taste of peppers.

Disneyland Main Street Dog 06

The peppers and onions were well-cooked, but that is the only flavor you’ll find here. The avocado mayo isn’t flavorful enough to come through and balance the overwhelming taste of peppers. So if you are a fan of peppers and onions, you’ll likely enjoy this. If you’re like us and not a huge fan of peppers, then you can definitely skip this.

Disneyland Main Street Dog 09

Disneyland Main Street Dog 08

This is also extremely messy, so make sure to grab utensils and plenty of napkins. The bun was a bit stale, but still wasn’t enough to keep this hot dog together. Overall, for the price, I’d skip this unless you are dying to try a pepper and onion topped hot dog. As a fan of both bacon and avocados, we didn’t taste either. After scraping off a good portion of the peppers, there was still an overwhelming taste of peppers with some spice.

Disneyland Main Street Dog 01

What toppings do you hope to see gracing the hot dogs next time at Refreshment Corner?


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