TONIGHT on WDW News Tonight (7/3/19): The Top 7 Premieres, America Sings, and an Unscrupulous 4th of July Celebration

Tonight! Get ready for an unscrupulous celebration of all nations, but mostly America! Even Mayor Beaverfield will be there! (talent subject to change)

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Hosted by Tom Corless and Nick LoCicero, and featuring announcer Michelle Wargo, WDW News Tonight is a live, weekly audio and video program that combines the latest headlines, comedy, trending vacation topics, call-in games, and in-depth discussions to bring Disney fans a one-of-a-kind, 2-hour program covering the Disney Parks.

Coming up on this week’s show:

  • A recap of the latest news (with a WDWNT comedic twist)
  • America Sings – Patriotic “Disney Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (pre-register to play here)
  • The Wonderful World of Psychotic Comments
  • The Top 7 – Hamburgers at Walt Disney World
  • More details on WDWNT’s 12-hour live celebration of our 12th anniversary on July 8th
  • And more!

We hope that you will tune in tonight at 9PM ET for WDW News Tonight!

If you missed our last show, you can watch it here:

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