REVIEW: New Mickey Mini Dome Cake Brings Spicy Chocolate to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe in the Magic Kingdom

We’ve come a long way from cupcakes. Dome cakes and mousse desserts now dominate the Disney dessertscape, and while these gelatinous sweets may seem like a dime a dozen, we spotted one at Pecos Bills that really spiced things up for us.

Mickey Mini Dome Cake – $6.99

By name, it just goes as the Mickey Mini Dome Cake, but deep within the chocolate ganache is a dome of spicy chocolate mousse, with a creme brulee center. The cake is topped with two chocolate disk Mickey ears and a white chocolate printed Mickey Mouse Club piece.

While the chocolate mousse definitely had some spice to it, it wasn’t overwhelming, so don’t let that scare you. It was difficult to pick up much of the creme brûlée center because it was such a small amount encased by the chocolate mousse. We kind of lost those flavors in the shuffle, but I’d say it does help to round out the stronger chocolate notes with some added sweetness.

We were excited about the flourless cake advertised, but it’s really just a tiny sliver of cake base at the bottom, and it basically provided no real flavor to the dessert.

Overall, the cake was was cute and the chocolate piece was actually printed rather nicely (i.e. it matched what was on the sign.)

The flavors here are really unique as spicy chocolate is usually something that’s reserved for Epcot’s Mexico pavilion or Animal Kingdom (and I’m a total sucker for spicy chocolate, so there’s that.) For a counter service restaurant dessert, you could do far worse. The price is somewhat steep, but if you have the Disney Dining Plan, you can get away with a $7 item as snack credit if the craving for chocolate strikes. Definitely check this dessert out!

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