REVIEW: Redd’s Revenge Float Sets Sail with Strawberry Dole Whip at the Magic Kingdom

What a time to be alive! Disney has been bestowing us with new flavors of Dole Whip soft serve left and right. While at the Magic Kingdom today, we followed a treasure map and found something new and exciting awaiting us in Adventureland. Sunshine Tree Terrace is now serving new Strawberry Dole Whip, and they’ve created the perfect way to serve this sweet treat… the Redd’s Revenge Float!

If you’re a fan of Strawberry Fanta, you’re in luck! The Redd’s Revenge Float combines Strawberry Fanta, Strawberry Dole Whip, and a red chocolate hat. You could say this is a “berry” sweet combination. (Sorry, I had to).

The flavor of the strawberry Dole Whip is almost candy-like. It’s similar to a Laffy Taffy-type of strawberry flavor. It’s bright and tart, and definitely sweet. It’s almost like drinking candy, honestly. But that’s not a bad thing! We had no problem finishing this one without help.

It’s a lot sweeter than most of the other offerings, so if you’re craving a sugary pick-me-up, let Redd have her revenge and grab this one for $6.99.

Redd was no match for the Florida Sun’s Revenge

We also spotted the Disney Dining Plan logo next to Redd’s Revenge Float on the menu, so this might be a wise choice for using a snack credit!

So will you be setting sail sail to Sunshine Tree Terrace to brave the newest Dole Whip flavor? Or will you be sticking with the classic Pineapple flavor? Let us know in the comments!