REVIEW: Firecracker Beef Nachos Bring the Heat at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe in the Magic Kingdom

Yeehaw! Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe recently introduced an all-new Mickey Mini Dome Cake, but they didn’t stop there. In addition to the dome cake, they also debuted a Firecracker Beef Nachos offering for lunch featuring a speck of “fiery cheese dust”.

Firecracker Beef Nachos – $12.49

The beef nachos include white corn tortilla chips, topped with taco meat, queso, and fiery cheese dust (which is actually just the kind of cheese that comes on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos). While this is pretty much as basic as it gets when it comes to nacho toppings, don’t forget about the infamous Pecos Bill topping bar that allows you to include just about whatever you want on your nachos!

As for the base of the offering, it really wasn’t great. The tortilla chips were borderline stale, which pretty much ruined the dish right off the bat. The fiery cheese dust was undetectable in taste, but it did add a light yet evident spice to the dish, which was pleasant. The beef was your typical Walt Disney World ground beef: un-fresh, not very warm, and artificial-tasting. Finally, the queso saved the dish from being terrible as it was served warm, gooey, and covered the entire dish providing enough to get some on every tortilla chip. The option to add whatever else you’d like at the topping bar could also help improve the dish.

The presentation for the nachos is really eye-catching with the bright red cheese dust, however, it does seem to fall short in taste. If you’re a big nacho fan and want to give a unique take on the dish a try, I’d recommend getting them to try on the chance that the ingredients may be fresher, however, if you don’t care about the fiery cheese dust, then I’d recommend going with another option.

Check it out next time you stop into Pecos Bill’s!